Black Cloud #1 Review

Black Cloud #1 Review

Written by: Jason Latour and Ivan Brandon

Art by: Greg Hinkle

Colour by: Matt Wilson

Lettering by: Adita Bidikar

Published by: Image Comics


A new creator owned series from Jason Latour, one of the masterminds behind Marvel’s Spider-Gwen, and Image’s Southern Bastards, is reason for a lot of excitement. But add fellow powerhouses Ivan Brandon, of Drifter and Vikings, Greg Hinkle, of Airboy, and Matt Wilson, of The Wicked + The Divine, and this is a book to be thrilled for.

Black Cloud #1 2

The team doesn’t waste time in kicking the story off. After a brief prelude, showing the world of imagination and dreams seeping into our own, we meet Zelda, a homeless woman on the streets of New York. She’s more than homeless though. She’s actually from the dream world, and can travel between our world and hers. But she left her world with enemies, and one in particular, a silhouette accompanied by a black cloud, has her terrified.

Zelda is a bit of a cipher in this issue, and unfortunately that makes her come off as a manic pixie dream girl (literally). Latour and Brandon make it obvious that they’re going to delve more into her backstory very soon though, so that quibble is fairly minor.

The world building, however, is phenomenal. The dream world is a fully realized construct, and those inhabiting it are surreal and, in some cases, terrifying. Zelda is presented there as a master naviagator, and absolutely the person you want to be with when there. I really look forward to more there.

Black Cloud #1 3

Hinkle’s art perfectly accompanies the story. Even in the real world, it’s slightly surreal, and a little disquieting, and the dream world is even more so. Wilson’s colors add to it, with splashes of beauty in the middle of the surreal. It’s a perfect pairing.

With a little more character world, this is going to be a strong and incredibly fun series. You need to get in on the ground floor.

Rating: 7 /10




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