Bit.Trip Rerunner Review

Developer: Choice Provisions, Gamecraft Studios

Platforms: PC, PS5 (Reviewed), Xbox Series X |S

Genre: Action, Adventure

Publisher: Choice Provisions


BIT.TRIP RERUNNER is a rhythmic-based platformer that is a bright and wonderful experience with a mix of complex actions and distinctly tricky puzzles. It’s a remake of a game I didn’t know existed, but it’s fun and sometimes frustrating. The game’s challenging aspect is unrelenting, but overcoming these challenges is truly rewarding!


As a semi-pixelated character, you’ll navigate through increasingly challenging levels at a thrilling pace. The game starts with a gentle introduction, allowing you to appreciate the vibrant world. Your character’s abilities, including jumping, sliding, dodging, deflecting, and collecting bars, add depth to the gameplay. Each of these mechanics is gently teased out over a set of levels where you can learn them before you get to the level that incorporates all these mechanics at breakneck speed.


Each area is a series of levels where you must use the mechanics and collect the bar golds if you want (this is required to complete the game). These levels get gradually more challenging, and eventually, you will face a boss where you must use the appropriate mechanics to beat them. The boss fights to add a nice touch regarding the game design and a way to cap off each area.


BIT.TRIP RERUNNER’s rhythm-based mechanics are a key part of its gameplay. Each action is timed to the game’s rhythm, providing a satisfying note that propels the gameplay forward. Missing items or dying may be frustrating, but it also creates a compelling urge to replay the level and hit every note by collecting every gold.


The RUNNER MAKER allows you to create and share your levels, which is a huge feature and adds longevity to the game. I’m mad about this; I prefer my levels to be made and ready to play. However, level creator enthusiasts will enjoy this more than I do! Again, it’s a significant feature for those who want to build levels and make this game even more significant.


The game is lovely and bright, with fantastic music and visuals. While it seems simple at first, this straightforward side-scrolling rhythmic game can get very complex and challenging as you progress through each new level, and several new game mechanics are introduced as you go along. It’s fun, and if you like rhythmic platformers, there is an excellent addition to any gamer’s library.

Overall: 8/10

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