Between Horizons – Release Trailer

Make Your Choices Count In Modern Sci-Fi Detective Adventure Between Horizons, Out Now on PC

Board the Zephyr and travel to another star in thought-provoking 2.5D pixel art journey on PC

[Wiesbaden, Germany – March 25th, 2024] –  Publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer DigiTales Interactive have released their narrative 2.5D sci-fi detective adventure Between Horizons for PC via Steam and GOG. Aboard the Zephyr, a ship en route to a distant star, players assume the role of Stella, the recently appointed Chief of Security. Dive into the conspiracy behind the incident that threatens to disrupt the Zephyr’s social order and foil its mission. A free Steam demo is available for players to try now.

Between Horizons is a 2.5D pixel art adventure that emphasizes branching narratives, exploration, and investigation. Decades into the Zephyr’s journey, its mission is suddenly jeopardized. Utilize your detective skills to solve problems aboard the ship – while making decisions that impact the overall story. Along the way, you’ll collect clues, connect evidence, and confront the citizens aboard the Zephyr. Can you find the culprit before it’s too late?

Decision-making is at the heart of the experience, with tough choices that ask you to reevaluate your moral compass. But in Between Horizons, the story continues, even if players select the “wrong decision,” adding weight and gravity to each choice. The team at DigiTales has applied numerous lessons from their first game Lacuna and proven solutions to detective game design problems to maximize player agency in the investigation process – all the while maintaining the tight pacing of a meaningful story.


  • A New Kind of Experience: Between Horizons merges investigative-style gameplay with a branching sci-fi story in an ever-expanding small open-world environment.
  • Solving Cases for Yourself: The flexible evidence system lets you confront ship citizens and submit any case with the evidence you’ve connected to it. Everything found on the ship is connected, but figuring out how — that’s the challenge.
  • At What Cost?: Underneath the game’s exciting and plausible sci-fi plot lies a number of thought-provoking problems inviting you to weigh intergenerational responsibility against personal freedom.
  • Getting New Perspective: Timeless pixel art mixed with 3D environments and compelling visual effects come together, creating a unique, beautiful art style.
  • Failure is Very Much an Option: There are no second chances — submitting wrong solutions means the story will go on and you’ll have to live with the consequences. A new and improved auto-save system will make sure there is no going back, as the story branches and endings are based on your decisions.=

Between Horizons is available now for $15.99 ($14.39 with a 10% off launch discount). It’s also in development for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. In the meantime, players can enjoy a free Between Horizons demo on Steam. Stay up to date by following the official DigiTales Interactive Twitter account. Follow Assemble Entertainment on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Steam, and join the official Assemble Entertainment Discord server.

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