Battlefield 2042 Review

Developer: DICE

Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X (Reviewed)|S

Genre: First-person shooter

Publisher: EA


Battlefield 2042 is an epic online warfare game that can handle up to 128 players on PC; and next-generation consoles. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will support up to 64 players. Battlefield is one of the most well-known online first-person shooters with an emphasis on teamwork to achieve the goals of your mission. This game is purely a multiplayer experience with no single-player mission.The game runs at 60FPS at 4K on the Xbox Series X.

The first thing you will notice is that Battlefield 2042 sets you not so far in the distant future (2042), where the world is on the brink and supplies are limited around the world. A humanitarian and refugee crisis is taking place. In this first-person shooter, you can assume many different specialists who assume the roles of – support, assault, recon, and engineer. Each specialist, while classified as one of the roles, above has its unique traits and speciality. You will begin the game with a basic loadout that you can customise. As you progress through the online game, you will level up and new content will be unlocked. It will take a while to unlock all the guns, but there is more than enough choice to get you going.


There are three main game types to choose from All-Out Warfare, Hazard Zone and Battlefield Portal.

All-Out Warfare has two modes of combat: Conquest and Breakthrough. Conquest is the game type where your team must capture each area and control the huge map. This results in a back-and-forth battle over each capture zone. It’s huge and insane at times. Breakthrough is an attacker versus defender mode where more segments of the map open as each area are captured.

Hazard Zone is a squad-based game where you work in a small 4-person team to achieve a goal. It’s more densely focused action and as large scale as All-Out warfare.


Battlefield Portal allows you to create your own Battlefield experience however it must be noted; Battlefield 1942, Bad Company, and Battlefield 3 maps are available to play as well. If you want some old school nostalgia, that is there too.

The visuals are stunning; there is an immersive feel to the whole game as you get transported to various environments from dockyards to desserts and icecaps, you feel a part of these amazing areas. The terrain is stunning each map has its environment as well as weather effects such as sandstorms, storms and twisters too. The game looks impeccable.


It’s chaos from the moment you drop into the level till the last person standing. It captures the intense and atmospheric nature of a war first-person shooter. The game does mix a fantastic online experience and I always found the team-based game Battlefield unique, especially the inclusion of planes, helicopters, tanks, and other vehicles. Everything building in the game does take damage and can fall if enough ammunition is used. The maps are stunning, rich in detail and massive. The scale of the maps is huge which, makes it hard to comprehend until you play it. Vehicles and multiple spawn points help you navigate maps.


Battlefield 2042 ups the ante in terms of being massively multiplayer that can cater for up to 128 players. It’s pure chaotic energy at times; the gameplay is varied through the usage of vehicles and multiple game mechanics. The visuals and audio are rich and stunning. The game truly does provide an immersive massively multiplayer experience. I can’t think of a game that; provides a huge and ultimately chaotic first-person shooter. I had some server issues on the 2nd day of gameplay, but the net code seemed solid, and games were plentiful for every mode. I’m in awe of the pure mayhem and destruction in the game.

Overall: 8.5/10


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