Battlecats Vol. 3 #1 Review

Written By: Mark London

Illustrated By: Michael Camelo

Colorist: Tekino

Book Design & Lettering: Miguel A. Zapata

Cover By: Michael Camelo

Published By: Mad Cave Studios

Release Date: July 07, 2021







After the sudden death of their King at the hands of Valadar, the kingdom of Valderia has been thrown into chaos. As Valadar’s forces take over the capitol, reigning chaos and barbaric violence against its citizens. There are few left to fight against them, even the mighty leader of the Battlecats – Kelthan has lost his nerve.

The remaining members of the Battlecats are on a mission to recover the body of their fallen King at the request of Queen Adastril. Who has taken refuge in Vikal Crest with a resistance group. All the while, Valadar is still unsatisfied with the outcome of his battle against King Eramad III and still seeks vengeance. Whilst another power battle is still in play between Myrthalen and her father Natharien.


We are now in the final arc of the Battlecats story, as this third and final volume begins. I’m sad to see this series come to an end, but it has been a great journey thus far. I’m excited to see where exactly this goes for all characters involved before we get to that final panel. This series has had many a character origin story, battle scenes, trials and tragedies. From political battles to fighting for survival in a coliseum – just to prove your loyalty. The world of Valderia is immense, most of which is inhabited by feline humanoids who follow the will of the Lion God and the late King Eramad dynasty. Then there are few who prefer to go back to the dark days of the past, where animal instinct and barbaric personas was all that was important. It only took a single death of a loved one and a single feline warrior seeking revenge – for these two polar opposite worlds to collide. The result of this is what this final arc will be covering – beginning with the aftermath of King Eramads demise and the new rule of Valadar.

Our beloved hero and leader of the Battlecats – Kelthan has taken such a fall from grace that he is still reeling from his King’s death. Now stumbling about the streets with a bottle of mead, picking petty fights that he can no longer win in his state of mind. Ultimately offering up his life, just for this nightmarish hell to end. It’s his fellow Battlecats that still fight on, although there are now new tensions in the group. They are still strong, capable and have a stand-in leader, who will hopefully keep them alive long enough to make a difference in this rebellion.

On the other side of this fight, Valadar still struggles with the loss of his partner from many years ago. Her skull both haunts him and brings him some form of solace. However its not enough to mask the pain he wishes to rid, even after taking down the beloved ruler of this land. Even after getting his vengeance and now sitting in the seat of power. Valadar is still lost, and its the sinister Myrthalen who will use that to her full advantage.


With each new issue the artwork and story has been reaching new heights. With a heavy plot the last number of issues, this latest one finds the characters still reeling from recent events. It’s ultimately Kelthan that is going to have to shape up pretty fast and get his head in order if he wants to renew his pledge to his homeland and fallen King. Valderia is in upheaval, its citizens need saving and the Battlecats may need him once again.

Battlecats Vol. 3 #1 is released on July 07, 2021 and can be purchased at, Comixology, Drive-thru comics or your local comic book shop.

Overall: 8/10

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