Battlecats Vol. 2 #5-6 Review

Written By: Mark London

Penciller: Michael Camelo

Lettering By: Miguel Angel Zapata

Colorist: Tekino

Cover Artist: Michael Camelo

Published By: Mad Cave Studios
Here is a quick recap.

In Volume 1 we were introduced to the utopia of Valderia, its’ leader and his pride of cats, heroic feline warriors and their mission to serve their Lion God. The Royal Guard were known as the Battlecats, who were entrusted on a mission to defeat a dark creature that has been causing chaos. Having encountered the beast, a dark secret has been exposed, the true identity of the beast was the long missing Lion King – Eramad II. Having failed to carry out their mission as tasked, the Battlecats must pay the price for their disobedience to their King – Eramad III, by defeating the deathly challenges set against them by fighting for their lives in front of many of the country’s citizens. Meanwhile, Valadar and his warriors have made their way to North Blade Coliseum where the final battle will take place against King Eramad III.


Vaela has regained some of her strength after a nights’ rest, but tensions are still high amongst the Battlecats. Upon setting foot into the Coliseum again, only one of them is tasked to fight for all their lives and titles. Meanwhile Valadar and his followers have made their way to the gates of the Coliseum, inside King Eramad III will face off against his Kingdom’s greatest foe.

This issue was a heartbreaking read, as not only do we see the tensions grow amongst the Battlecats, but also the deaths of innocent guards & a high profile leader. The country is now in dire straits, a rebellion has broken the royal line, its people will either be forced back to their animal instincts or be killed. The Battlecats are forced to look on helplessly as their home, the country that they fight to protect, falls in ruins. Just what is to happen in Issue 6? Well keep scrolling to find out.


King Eramad III is no more, as Valadar throws the fallen King’s corpse to the ground, panic sets across the crowd. With the Battlecats restrained and their leader dead, just who is going to protect them? Meanwhile Myrthalens’ true objectives have come to light, unknownst to Valadar, but she still requires the secrets her father possess about the marks. What is he withholding from his daughter, what is the information she so desperately seeks in order to put all of Valdreia in her grasp.

This issue resumed exactly where Issue 5 ended with the murder of King Eramad III. Kelthan, the leader of the Battlecats, takes up arms against Valadar, but can he really out best the cat that was well beyond capable of murdering a renowned King? The truth is harsh, the action was exciting, the twist at the end certainly leaves it wide open for Volume 3. There will be a good deal of time to wait for the next installment however, with my guess being early Summer 2020 for the release of Volume 3, but like always – Perfection takes time! I would have preferred more issues in this volume, as it does feel a bit prolonged with the way the issues are being released. The overall story is great, it seems to be well thought out, with complex characters and still so many details that haven’t been illustrated for us yet, including the initial betrayal between Valadar and Eramad III. I am actually growing to enjoy Valadar’s character more and more as each issue progresses, he has a deep back story that has certainly fueled his anger and drive to bring down the Kingdom. I can’t wait to see his reaction when he learns of Myrthalens’ mistrust.


Battlecats was created by Mad Cave Studios, which is an independent publisher that resides in both Miami, Florida and Columbia. This group is comprised of a wide selection of very talented artists and creators. They are committed to bringing genre driven, high concept comic books to their readers with their own “Mad twist”. They strive to bring out the best action, story, characters and artwork with each and every issue.

For now you can try ordering these issues from your local independent comic shop or you can buy a digital issue from the Mad Cave Studios website below. They will also be releasing a complete edition of Volume 2 in the near future.

Overall: 7.5/10

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