Battlecats: Tales of Valderia Vol. 1 Review

Created By: Mark London

Written By: Mark London, Ben Goldsmith

Illustrated By: Robert Stotz, Mauricio Villarreal, Michael Camelo, Atagun Ilhan, Daniel Jimeno

Colorist: Tekino, Alejandro Giraldo, Maria Santaolalla, Julian Gonzalez, Jonathan Prada

Cover By: Robert Stotz

Published By: Mad Cave Studios

Release Date: Available now


The history of Valderia has been wrought with wars and violence for so long. With evil encroaching upon the Pridelands from every corner, each King has fought his own battles in order to both improve the lives of its citizens, and ultimately – keep them safe. This collection of ‘Tales of Valderia’, recounts the history of leadership starting from Eramad I down through his successors and the creation of the Battlecats. With a look back on the feline history and the great dangers that rose against them. As well as an in depth look into the Gods, lands, fractions and legendary heroes that sculpted the Vaderia of today. A must read for all Battlecats fans!


‘Battlecats: Tales of Valderia’ is a collection of the four part mini series that revolved around the history of Valderia. These issues all dealt with the Eramad dynasty and the Battlecats. Issue One followed King Eramad I as he mourned the loss of the great General Sai and gave birth to the idea of a group of felines to protect the nation. Following that we lead onto King Eramad II, who doubted his leadership so much that he exiled himself and left the country to the very capable fans of the nations most loved individual – the Great Goadar. Moving on, we meet a very young Kelthan as he is escorted to the White Marsh Islands by Natharien, to begin his training. From which Kelthan meets Valadar for the first time, when he was leader of the Battlecats and a trusted ally to the King. And lastly we have a story on Valadar, not long after he parted ways at the White Marsh Islands. As ordered by his King, he returns to his homeland of Blackstone and is disgusted by the carry on of his people. He becomes agitated and furious by their actions, making him an ideal target for the shrouded form of Myrthalen to make her move. Also included is the 2019 Halloween Comicfest Special, which recounted the battle between the former Battlecats led by Valadar and an unknown dark force that had taken hold of the people of Healer’s Edge in Arkhovia.


There is so much going on in this series, that it’s great to get a compiled mini series and guide such as this, to help expand our knowledge of the World we have been reading about for so long. The detailed maps, backgrounds on the Eramad lineage and even artwork for the Gods & Moon Warriors has been a great inclusion, alongside the backstories. It’s well worth picking up this compiled volume if you are indeed a massive Battlecats fan. I mean who isn’t at this stage?!

Available to buy now in the link below:

Overall: 9/10

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