Battle Action Force Returns in New Treasury Editions

Battle Action Force was published weekly from October 1983 to November 1986 by IPC Magazines limited, and brought together some of the greatest talents in the British comics industry of that time, both on the editorial and illustrative fronts including names like Gerry Finley-Day, Geoff Campion and Cam Kennedy. Included within its pages were the adventures of “Action Force”, created by British toy manufacturer, Palitoy.

Four heroic Action Force teams: infantry specialists Z Force, ocean based Q Force, infiltration specialists the SAS and orbital guardians Space Force protected the world against the evil machinations of Baron Ironblood, The Black Major and their army of brainwashed Red Shadows. 


Now, for the first time in over forty years, Total Toy Books, with kind permission from Hasbro and in collaboration with Rebellion Publishing and Skeletron, are proud to announce an officially licensed reprint of the Action Force tales from Battle Action Force collected in a series of deluxe over-sized ‘treasury editions.’ 

With original issues difficult to find and expensive to purchase in full, this is a collection not to be missed by fans of the original series – or for those who only discovered the existence of the comic in more recent times. 

More details about this exciting series will be revealed in the coming weeks. Sign up to the mailing list at to be the first to find out more!

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