Batman: Prelude to the Wedding: Harley Quinn vs. Joker #1 Review

Writer: Tim Seeley

Artists: Sami Basri/Otto Schmidt

Cover: Rafael Albuquerque

Colors: Jessica Kholinne

Letters: Dave Sharpe

Assistant Editor: Dave Wielgosz

Editor: Chris Conroy

Group Editor: Jamie S. Rich

Publisher: DC Comics




The Joker’s other co-dependent relationship takes the center place in this part of the Prelude to the Wedding.


Harley Queen and the Joker face off filled with wacky death traps in the likes that only those two can conceive. What opens with Harley running the Joker down with her car goes to a giant vat of tapioca pudding – that serves as a metaphor for Harley having escaped the grasp of the clown – and then to a dark and twisted fairy tale landscape on which Harley makes clear that she is vicariously living her own fairytale through Batman and Catwoman’s wedding.

However, the dynamic of power reverses quite easily. By playing with Harley’s need for his approval, the Joker is able to spot the flaws in her plan and save himself from certain death.


In the end, the Joker’s biggest complain, of not having been invited to the big wedding takes the spotlight, and the epilogue paves the way for the events on the serial The Best Man, seen in Batman #48 and #49, the two issues preceding the big day.

To the Batrimony we go!

Overall: 10/10


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