Batman #49 Review

Writer: Tom King

Artist: Mikel Janin

Colors: June Chung

Letters: Clayton Cowles

Variant Cover: Stanley “Artgerm” Lau

Associate Editor: Brittany Holzherr

Editor: Jamie S. Rich

Publisher: DC Comics




The final issue before the big fat Bat-wedding bring us to the finale of the Best Man serial with the best Tom King has to offer us.


In the ruins of the church raided by the Joker, Catwoman intervenes on the fight between the Caped Crusader and the Prince of Clowns and both parts end up mortally wounded. And literally holding onto their lives, the two start to reminisce about the life as a villain and their relationship with Batman.

A smart throwaway with the Alan Moore classic The Killing Joke, can be seen, with the Joker asking Selina why, amid all the fun their crew of supervillains were having when facing off against Bats, she was the one who had never laughed. The reasons why are many, but most important of all is the claim that she only laughs when she’s winning, and Batman never allowed that to happen.


In the end in a desperate attempt to keep going his twisted relationship with Batman, the Joker puts his own life at risk to end Selina’s.

And when the dust settles, Catwoman laughs. An appropriate ending to a great story.

Overall: 10/10


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