Batman #48 Review

Writer: Tom King

Art & Cover: Mikel Janin

Variant Cover: Frank Cho

Colors: June Chung

Letters: Clayton Cowles

Associate Editor: Brittany Holzherr

Editor: Jamie S. Rich

Publisher: DC Comics




Surprisingly enough, several of the comics portraying the prelude to Bruce Wayne’s upcoming nuptials have little to do with the Bat himself and mostly deal with the people around him.

The trend continues with issue #48, that initiates the first part of a story entitled The Best Man.


The opening imagery is violent in the likes that I haven’t seen since Batman was left in the hands of Alan Moore. Ominously enough, it’s a wedding, and the Joker kills priest, groom and guests with no mercy, leaving the bride to be slaughtered right in front of the caped crusader.

As the Joker goes in an incongruous monologue about family, God, evil and love, Batman utters ONE. SINGLE. WORD. The entire story, leaving his nemesis to rant at will, under the menace of him killing himself if not allowed to.

Keeping up with the ongoing codependency and love/hate relationship between the Clown and the Bat, the Joker ends his ramblings with a request: to be Batman’s best man.


If you add to that some way for Batman to beat down the Joker and leave us with a dubious sense of justice, that could be a nice standalone story, but the options are kept open in the end with the introduction of Catwoman, which left me urging for the next issue.

Overall: 9/10

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