Barnaby Southcombe Interview

Paula got a chance to sit down and talk with the writer and director of Scarborough, Barnaby Southcombe.

Scarborough, A tale of forbidden love based on the acclaimed Royal Court theatre play by Fiona Evans.Set over three days in the British seaside town of Scarborough, two couples seek an escape from the constraints of real life. In a faded hotel, amongst the peeling wallpaper and away from the prying eyes of their hometown, they laugh, quarrel, make love and enjoy their anonymity.The hotel rooms are their safe haven but also their self-imposed prison as they don’t dare go out. After all, at barely 16 years old, two of them are still at school…. and the other two, their teachers.Part love story and probing social commentary, Scarborough has a gripping narrative that uses it’s structure to explore the boundaries of responsibility and consent.


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