Bang-On Balls: Chronicles Launch Trailer

Available on Steam, GOG, Epic, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch.

5 October 2023, Warsaw, Poland – Exit Plan Games and Untold Tales have released “Bang-On Balls: Chronicles” into the world.

Bang-on Balls Chronicles is a content-loaded, goofy, destructible open-world, sandbox adventure with combat, platforming, character customization, and collect-a-thon scavenger hunting experience that you can play solo or in co-op.

Created by Exit Plan Games, a team of highly experienced developers who previously worked on AAA titles such as The Witcher 3, Gears of War, Cyberpunk 2077, and Bulletstorm to name a few.

More about the launch
Bang-On Balls: Chronicles launches with 4 playable open-world maps while a 5th, Wild West-themed map is already in the works and will be added as a free update to all players.

The game is now available on Steam, GOG, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch and will have a 20% discount at launch.

Key features

  • Glorious bouncy 3D platforming and combat with razor-sharp controls.
  • Smash, dash, and steamroll around massive, highly destructible, open-world maps.
  • Absolutely loaded with content. Fight foes, rescue allies, take on multiple objectives, uncover secrets, and collect treasure troves of themed items and weapons. Each map has its own unique mechanics, boss fights, secrets, items, and themes.
  • Bounce Around History as each map is set in an interesting historical era – Vikings, Pirates, Space Race or Feudal Japan with more to come as post-release support.
  • Customize your character with 400+ items – flags, weapons, shields, hats, masks, tattoos, boats etc and all collected from playing. No paid cosmetic DLCs.
  • Up to 4-player online co-op and 2-player split screen. Seamlessly jump in and out of sessions with friends and keep everything you’ve collected.


For more information on Bang-On Balls: Chronicles, visit the website, or follow the studio on Twitter, TikTok, or Facebook. And if you’d like to get in touch with the developers, feel free to join their Discord.

About Untold Tales

Untold Tales is a growing indie publishing label established in 2020 by veterans from Techland that focuses on games that have interesting and unique stories to tell. They’re hungry for experiences that deliver remarkable joy and narratives to players everywhere.

About Exit Plan Games

Exit Plan is a game development studio based in Warsaw, Poland, founded by Jose Teixeira and Damien Monnier in 2019. The founders have a combined quarter-century of experience creating AAA titles such as The Witcher 3, Gears of War, and Cyberpunk 2077. Exit Plan is a small team of passionate developers who create new video games with fresh concepts that are easy to just pick up and play.

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