Aurora Short Film – Kickstarter

Aurora Short Film – Kickstarter

AURORA is a black and white 30 minute film that tells the story of the first UFO crash recorded in American history.

It is widely believed that Roswell, New Mexico is the site of the first UFO crash in American history- but that distinction actually goes to a small town in Texas. According to an historical account reported in the local newspaper, early in the morning on April 17, 1897, the residents of Aurora (located just outside of Fort Worth) were awakened by a loud explosion as an inexplicable airship crashed to Earth– six years before the first flight of the Wright Bros, and 40 years before the town even had electricity. A body was found at the site and buried in an unmarked grave in the town cemetery, the wreckage was thrown into a deep well, and a legend was born. But what if the story was more fantastic than anyone imagined?


AURORA is a love letter to The Twilight Zone and Universal Monsters, and artfully combines actual historical events with Nazi UFO conspiracy theories, time travel, and extra-dimensional cryptids into a tidy and curious package, delivering science fantasy into the 19th century wild west.

The costumes and creatures of AURORA were developed by some of the most celebrated artists of our day, including a Nazi time traveller designed by World Fantasy Award winning painter Brom, and creature design and practical effects construction by Face Off (SyFy) winners Rayce Bird and J. Anthony Kosar.


For nearly twenty years, Century Guild founder Thomas Negovan has curated exhibitions and created fine books on art and art history, inspiring subjects like Clive Barker and David Mack to offer unbridled praise for his presentation of their work. Negovan has now created his first film, created in tandem with his brilliant community, and is using the Kickstarter platform to bring it to life.


The film features Genesis P-Orridge (legendary music icon and originator of the Industrial music genre) as the voice of the creature. The soundtrack– available on limited edition vinyl as part of the Kickstarter campaign– was orchestrated by Troy Sterling Nies (composer for the soundtracks to the H. P. Lovecraft Society’s Call of Cthulhu and The Whisperer in Darkness ) with master thereminist Armen Ra and drummer Brian Viglione (Dresden Dolls, NIN).

“I was excited to hear that Thomas Negovan has entered the world of movie-making– he’s a man of extraordinarily great taste . AURORA features great art direction and a unique vision – it’s as if Jodorowsky had directed an episode of The Twilight Zone .”


“AURORA is the hitherto undiscovered love child of H.G. Wells and Louis L’amour — this ‘Weird Western’ is much more than a genre mash-up; it’s a trip back to the original charnel house of creation out of which all our genres were born . Thomas Negovan has gone from curator to creator and the results are a pure joy.”

ADAM SIMON, creator of WGN’s Salem

“AURORA is genuinely fascinating and eerily gorgeous .” –GERARD WAY, writer and musician








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