Aurion Comic Book; The first Volume finished

Aurion comic book; The first volume finished

After 9 intense and epic chapters, Volume 1 of Aurion comic book is coming to an end.

Just a few months after the release of the first “African fantasy” game comic strip, Kiro’o team has marked an end to the first volume of the comic strip after the release of different chapters per month.


Manga fans are able to discover a whole new world of African fantasy in which the heroes (king and queen of Zama) begin their adventure. The gamer community on the other hand has a chance to rediscover Aurion and its new features which have helped to complete the history of the initial game.

“ Transforming the game into a comic was a big challenge for the team. We had to compress long dialogues of the game without losing quality and also make non-animated combats more tactical and interesting. We have also refined our method of implementation throughout the chapters ” 

Says YAKAN Dominique Lead Designer of the studio.


(Visual evolution of our comic book: on the left an image from chapter 2 and on the right an image from chapter 8)

Kiroo has indeed opted for an interesting business model: Offering the black and white version of the comics for free on manga draft, scan manga and in PDF format on the studio’s website both in French and in English.

“ We know most manga fans read online scans, so we decided to offer them free manga every month online. However, the physical versions will be sold in color or with an improved “black and white” texture ” 

Says Olivier MADIBA, Founder of the studio.


(On the left an image of the comic in black and white and on the right an image of the comic in color)

After fully working on this first volume the team has decided to take a break in order to:

– Prepare the colored version of volume 1 which will soon be available on Amazon.

– Work on the realization of volume 2.

If you want to be updated about the upcoming release of the physical version, follow Aurion on our Social Networks facebook, twitter, and Instagram.

The comic strip is the first visible part of the studio’s wallbreaker expansion plan, which has promised to diversify its activities in mobile games, finance and cartoons in the coming years.

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