Attrition: Tactical Fronts – Release Trailer

Cardboard Keep’s fast-paced, World War themed strategy game receives full release on Steam in three weeks

Canberra, 15 Feb 2018: Cardboard Keep today announced that Attrition: Tactical Fronts will move from Steam’s Early Access to Final Release on Wednesday 7 March 2018. This classic, World War themed, turn-based strategy game for PC Windows, Mac and Linux is accessible and quick to play without sacrificing tactical variety and depth – either single player against AI, complete with full campaign and integrated tutorial, or versus a friend in multiplayer. Procedurally generated skirmish maps ensure replayability, along with the facility to create and share custom maps with other players via Steam Workshop.

Intuitive controls and a straightforward user interface combine to streamline play, and a simple “outcome indicator” previews the likely result of engagements. But players will need to master a variety of unit types with distinctive attributes, and maneuver them wisely to exploit strengths and avoid exposing weaknesses, while extracting maximum advantage from the terrain.


‘Attrition: Tactical Fronts has enjoyed a successful period in Early Access and we’ve been busy finishing off the campaign and listening to feedback from the community,’ said Cardboard Keep’s Calum Spring, the Designer and Programmer of Attrition. ‘Players can now design and upload their own levels to Steam Workshop using the integrated Map Editor to play against friends or an AI opponent, which has proved a popular feature. We’re looking forward to playing community creations ourselves!’

Game Features:

Quick-fire, hex-based, turn-by-turn gameplay, like a digital board game.
17 mission single-player campaign with pre-built maps, incorporating a tutorial to learn unit and terrain types and combinations – overcome challenging scenarios and attain mechanical mastery.
Integrated Map Editor for uploading levels to Steam Workshop, plus the option to procedurally generate skirmish maps on demand, both playable against AI or a friend in online multiplayer – with point-buy army requisition or random unit selection.
11 distinctive WWII-themed unit types and 15 terrain types with a range of distinctive gameplay modifiers, including modelling of suppression, deployment constraints, elevation and more.
Easy to learn, hard to master, this addictive fast-paced game of tiny heroics will challenge the most grizzled armchair generals. 


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