Atomicrops Review

Developer: Bird Bath Games

Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One (Reviewed), PC

Gene(s): Action, Indie

Publisher: Raw Fury


It’s a crazy world in Atomicrops. It’s a strange mix of a roguelike game. It’s a part farming simulator and part crazy shooter. This combination is what makes Atomicrops an interesting and varied experience. It starts off a slow-paced farming simulator, make a small little patch to plant your seeds, water them and watch them grow. Before you know it you run out of valuable garden equipment, you must wander the land to find seeds, tools, and anything else of use. Just as you get settled at the pace of the game, it all changes. Out of nowhere during the night, your plants come under attack, you must rush back to protect them. This is when it becomes topsy turvy, the action begins and before you know it swarms of nasties want to eat your crop and you too, though mainly your crop. It’s at this point it turns out to be an all-action shooter with enemies, and bosses appearing from every angle, you must and you will protect your valuable crop. As dawn is about to appear, the crazed hordes subside and you can be at peace for a few minutes. It’s a case of powering up, tending to your crop, exploring, and then awaiting another onslaught. 


This is Atomicrops in a nutshell. Each period ties into a season and as your progress through each season it becomes tougher, the battles become bigger and the mayhem more pronounced. The bright visuals, the shift between day and night from season to season bring this bright vivid game to life. Sounds and effects add to each shift in gameplay too. The shift between game pace makes for a chaotic but enjoyable experience. It’s super simple to pick and play but incredibly enjoyable. With any roguelike, the enjoyable factor is how much time and effort you put into mastering it.


The game has solid game mechanics, fun, and easy to pick up with tons of action to boot. This game will keep you addicted for many an hour and will have you coming back to last another season in this crazy world.

Overall: 8/10


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