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Many film fans would know of ARROW VIDEO, a well established UK entertainment distribution company that has been releasing and supporting many of the classic and cult/horror film releases since the early 90s. You are bound to have found a large section dedicated to this distribution company in the likes of HMV and Tower Records over the years. Not only have they released some standard edition releases, but they are most well known for their dedication to restoring, upgrading and making one hell of a fantastic anniversary edition release to many a cult film. Including ‘Donnie Darko’, ‘Hellraiser’ and the yet to be released ‘Battle Royale’. They are amongst the top companies out there, that have made their job a passion. As they not only release the films, they also have their own state of the art in-house film restoration – in order to bring out the best possible release of any of their titles.

ARROW not only does physical releases, they also host movie nights and premiers in cinemas nationwide, you know back before the pandemic hit. Having always worked closely with many cultural organisations and offering screening events when possible. ARROW is also dedicated to their fans, and has been striving to deliver their titles to the ever changing market. And thus ARROW Player was born!


ARROW has launched a brand new streaming service, called ARROW Player. Having had a successful launch in the US last year, it is now available in the UK. You can either stream it straight from the website, or from the following apps: Roku, Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, iOS and of course, Android devices. Even better, they are offering everyone a 30 Day FREE TRIAL! When that runs out, the subscription will be £4.99 a month or £49.99 annually in the UK and $4.99 / $49.99 in the US and Canada. Unfortunately this service is not available in Ireland, so although I love the idea of this service – I don’t get to enjoy it myself!

Hence why I am telling all of you guys! The more people that get to enjoy the service, may entice the company to broaden their service to other countries.

So, what can you watch on the app?


Well there is literally hundreds of hours worth of content on there from what I can see. They have all their film and TV titles split up into categories. Including the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, Slashers, Giallo, New Cult, Academy Classics, Western, Asia Extreme and Sick Laughs. The service will also be continuously added to as their catalogue grows. ARROW has also announced that they will also be featuring the very best international cinema and TV, such as Giuseppe Tornatore’s Cinema Paradiso, and outstanding crime series Gomorrah and The Bridge; as well as brand-new short films from upcoming filmmakers, original ARROW productions, and curated seasons. They will also be including many rarely seen and newly created extras and exclusive interviews from their limited edition physical releases. So that is a massive added bonus to the catalogue for any film buff!

ARROW Player will also be having some monthly highlights and exclusives. February’s has already been announced and will include:

  • The Exclusive Premier of A Ghost Waits from first-time writer / director Adam Stovall and producer / star MacLeod Andrews.

  • The Lars Von Trier Season, including Breaking the Waves, which stormed the Cannes festival, launched Emily Watson’s and Von Trier’s careers

  • Also available on ARROW from February; the extraordinary, utterly unique Melancholia; the controversial Antichrist; the prude baiting epic Nymphomaniac Parts 1 and 2; and The House the Jack Built, where Von Trier elicited a career best performance from Matt Dillon as an architect / serial killer with OCD.

  • Beyond Re-Animator, the second sequel to Stuart Gordon’s undisputed 1985 splatter classic Re-Animator.

  • [REC], terrifying, relentless rollercoaster ride which builds to one of the horror genre’s all time bone-chilling climaxes.

  • Alejandro Jodorowsky Season, which will include Fando y Lis, El Topo and The Holy Mountain.

  • 13 Assassins, Takashi Miike’s masterpiece of Japanese samurai cinema and remake of the 1963 film.

All of these titles and far, far more are available to view right now over on

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