Ario Catapults onto Digital Store Shelves Today

Take on Afras’ Evil Forces Today Across PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S with the Battle Arriving on PC in the Coming Days

March 28th – Head out today on a journey with Ario, a fantasy adventure steeped in Persian fantasy from Vata & Artax Games, launching today on consoles, with a PC release on the way very soon!

Unravel a dark conspiracy as you head out to stop the evil plans of Afras, the evil villain who has swarmed Ario’s village with nightmares. Use Ario’s extensive movement abilities and a suite of unlockable weapons & abilities to bound through this dangerous steampunk world. Take out enemies up close with your wrist mounted crossbow before taking on whole hordes with a ballistae where you control how the bolts travel.

Ario arrives on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X today with a Steam launch happening as well in the coming days.

About Ario
In a cursed fantasy land plagued by nightmares, Ario will start a journey to rescue his missing mother, only to find himself immersed in a battle for his life against powerful dark forces. Join him as he faces plenty of challenges and hazards, fights demons and mechanical enemies, explores sheer cliffs and meets new allies & foes in an epic journey for revenge where his crossbow and skills will determine the fate of his people.

Learn more about the secrets of his past, his land, and the whereabouts of his mother in this vibrant 2.5D action adventure set in a world based on ancient Persia with a heavy dose of steampunk. 


  • BEAT ENEMIES AND OBSTACLES WITH YOUR SKILLS: Use Ario’s extensive movement abilities, deadly crossbow, and diverse skills to take down a slew of enemies and fight imposing bosses.
  • A UNIQUE TOWER DEFENSE MECHANIC INTEGRATED WITHIN THE LEVELS: Take a strategic point of view and clear out hordes of incoming foes with a ballistae, slowing down time and guiding your bolts home to stop their assault.
  • A FANTASY WORLD FULL OF PLATFORMING AND PUZZLES: Explore a 12 levels of platforming mayhem in a medieval fantasy world studded with Steampunk elements and stalked by mythical creatures.
  • HELP ARIO BECOME THE HERO THAT HIS HOMELAND NEEDS: Experience an epic story —fully voiced in Persian with beautifully illustrated cutscenes— that tells of a new ruler, a land plagued by curses, and the desperate search for a missing parent.

About Artax Games
Founded in 2016 as an independent game dev company, Artax Games now counts with +30 outstanding professionals and has a growing portfolio with titles on all main platforms: Steam, Switch, PS4/5, XBO/S-X, iOS and Android.

As a friendly video games publisher since 2020, Artax Games goal is to provide opportunities for local game studios with little gems or meaningful games and help them build a global success by bringing their games to the gamers community worldwide.

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