Aquaman #38 Review

Written by: Dan Abnett

Illustrated by: Riccardo Federici

Colours by: Sunny Gho

Letters by: Steve Wands

Cover by: Stjepan Sejic

Published by: DC Comics



Jumping straight into the middle of the action in this issue, the king of Atlantis is stuck in a bind that it really seems that there is no getting out of. This comic is packed full of all the action and plenty of twists and turns that I expect from comics, but never cease to entertain me. I also didn’t expect Aquaman to be the most action packed comic that I read this week.


I never expected a Zombie King to be the main villain in an Aquaman comic, but then again I guess demons and zombies can exist under the sea too. With these characters I loved their designs of these characters, you could clearly tell that they were undead, despite the majority of deep-sea creatures and characters looking like that. As well as this they stood out from the regular people of Atlantis at a glance, even in the background, something which I believe is no mean feat as not only was I able to pick out the individual armies at a glance at the page in the midst of chaos, I would image that it is difficult to create very different looking sea people as at time many of the people of Atlantis an end up looking the same. They were unique and I really enjoyed that.


Something else which I liked about this comic was that it showed Aquaman as weak at times, at the beginning of the comic he seems ultimately defeated and the people of Atlantis are retreating. I really enjoy it when comics, particularly with a male lead, actually show the main hero as having a time of weakness as we cannot be strong and undefeated all the time – even superheroes.

This comic is fast-paced, action-packed ends with a mega change to the world of Atlantis and Aquaman and it will be interesting to see from here on what happens.

Overall: 7/10

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