Apparition – Teaser Trailer

APPARITION: FPP adventure horror trailer emerges from the woods

20 November 2017

Beware! The first trailer for Apparition has suddenly manifestedright behind you! Will you survive the dark secrets of the Devil’sTramping Ground?

There are terrible stories about this camping site in North Carolina. Apparently, people who spend the night at Devil’s Tramping Ground disappear without a trace. To wander around there at night you must be a lunatic – or an ambitious paranormal activity investigator.

During the nights in the forest, you fight for more evidence of the existence of ghosts – and for your own life. Use the Ouija board to communicate with phantoms. Use your camera and audio recorder to register them, putting yourself in dire risk. There’s no defense against ghosts and the more dangerous demons other than hiding and waiting for the dawn.

In the forest you also find notes written by people who have lived a nightmare there. Will you survive? The better question might be– for how long? Keep trying. The more traces of ghosts you record, the more points you earn, which will affect your position in the global player leaderboard.


Apparition will be released in Q2 of 2018. Players can already add it to their Steam wishlists:

Set in the real-life, allegedly possessed location: Devil’s Tramping Ground in North Carolina
Interactive Ouija board that answers your questions
Different types of ghosts with surprising behaviors
Point system and global player leaderboard

About Fat Dog Games
Fat Dog Games is a game publisher based in Poland. A former mobile game developing company in the market since 2014, FDG nowpublishes games in international markets on Steam, mobile platforms, VR and others.

About MrCiastku
Talented one-man band making games since 2013, MrCiastku has ataste for horrors intended for PC digital distribution. Known for survival game Shadows 2: Perfidia.

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