AOC GAMING 24G4X and 27G4X debut with bold new design

AGON by AOC introduces next step in gaming evolution
Fragging with finesse: AOC GAMING 24G4X and 27G4X debut with bold new design

Amsterdam, 29 January 2024 – AGON by AOC – one of the world’s leading gaming monitor1 and IT accessories brands – is starting off the year with the introduction of a whole new gaming monitor series for its AOC GAMING line-up. Being the successor to the award-winning G2 series, the new G4 series boast a completely new sleek design. The 23.8″ (60 cm) AOC GAMING 24G4X and the 27″ (68 cm) 27G4X feature Fast IPS panels for accurate colours and wide viewing angles, an even faster 180 Hz refresh rate, up to 1 ms GtG AGON by AOC response times, and NVIDIA G-SYNC compatibility. With cutting-edge features and a bold appearance, the new models are ready to up the gaming experience for enthusiasts and esports competitors alike.


Always improving for advanced performance
Raising the bar for entry-level gaming monitors, both monitors feature a 180 Hz refresh rate, ensuring smooth and responsive gameplay. In line with their 24″ and 27″ display sizes, the Full HD (1920×1080) resolution allows gamers to achieve high framerates with most mainstream GPUs. By employing colour-accurate Fast IPS panels with wide viewing angles, the monitors are able to handle light image/video editing or livestreaming tasks outside gaming. With response times of up to 1 ms GtG thanks to the use of Fast IPS panels, these models are made for gamers who demand utmost precision and clarity, letting them frag their opponents more easily in FPS, battle royale or similar fast-paced titles, making ghosting a concern of the past. The monitors support HDR10 too, receiving HDR signals for vivid and dynamic visuals. Both models are NVIDIA G-SYNC compatible, eliminating tearing and stutter for smooth gameplay action using a variable refresh rate.

Distinctive esports-focussed design at the base-level
The 24G4X and 27G4X models boast a completely new design, inspired by the sharp lines and unusual aesthetics of a stealth aircraft. The models are fitted with a more compact base than before, which is both stylish and functional, providing ample space for keyboards and mice during intense esports action. With universal dark grey accents and triangular shapes on the back, these monitors present a modern look that seamlessly matches a variety of gaming systems.

Inside-out revolution
Just like their new appearance from the outside, the 24G4X and 27G4X come with a fresh, intuitive and responsive On-Screen Display on the inside, making it easy for gamers to customise their viewing experience. Alternatively, the sleek, lightweight AOC G-Menu software allows users to change their monitor’s settings to their preference. The OSD allows users to enable gaming features, such as the new smart crosshair, which can change the colour of the aiming point against the background, enhancing aiming accuracy and giving players an edge in competitive gaming.

Environmentally conscious, ergonomically exceptional
Improved from the past generations of AOC GAMING models, these monitors are now packaged with paper cushioning, reducing the environmental impact. Both models feature an ergonomic stand, allowing for height, swivel, tilt, and pivot adjustment for comfortable gaming sessions. The ergonomic stand enables users to sit with a healthy posture and let them use the monitors not only for gaming but equally for study or work throughout the day. Thanks to their sleek base design, they sit firmly with a smaller footprint on the desk. Being Flicker-Free and featuring the LowBlue mode, the monitors allow users to game in comfort during late hours. And for gamers using monitor arms, the models offer a VESA mount option. Thanks to their 3-sides borderless design they are particularly suitable for multi-monitor installations. Built-in speakers and a headphone output enable users to achieve a complete gaming setup in minutes.

Pricing and availability
The AOC GAMING 24G4X and 27G4X are set to raise the bar in base-level gaming monitors. Both 24G4X and 27G4X come with a 3-year-warranty and will be available from late January 2024, at an MSRP of £149.99 and £169.99 respectively.

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