AOC AGON AGM600 Gaming Mouse Review

The AGON AGM600 is a gaming mouse launched by AOC, one of the world’s leading gaming monitor and IT accessories brands. The great people at AOC have sent us this gaming mouse for review. The AGON AGM600 gaming mouse has been designed for esports enthusiasts and hardcore gamers of FPS and action titles. The mouse is constructed to feature a comfortable design and many different features. This gaming mouse is sold at the price of £39.99.

The packaging of this mouse is simple yet efficient. Most of all, the information relating to the mouse is written on the box. The box has a vibrant red lighting strip; look at it with a great mouse model on the front and back. The box comes with the following items: The AGON AGM600 gaming mouse, a warranty card and a quick setup guide. The mouse has a simple setup as you just plug the USB port into your device. This gaming mouse is wired.


The design for the AGON AGM600 gaming mouse is extremely slick; and simple but still has style to it. The mouse has a black base colour to it, with a thin RGB backlight stripe at the bottom, as well as on its logo. The mouse has a metal scroll wheel with a red accent on both sides of the scroll, which adds a nicer touch to the mouse. The simplicity of this mouse is that it is extremely clean. The mouse has some heft to it which adds to its durability. This gaming mouse also has a thumb rest on its right side, which adds to a better grip and rest on the mouse. The specifications for this gaming mouse are the following: Kailh switches, mouse button durability 80 million clicks, 16,000 DPI resolution, 1 ms / 1000 Hz polling rate, Pixart PWM3389 sensor, sensor type is optical, 400 IPS tracking accuracy, Teflon feet mats and the acceleration is 50G. The mouse weighs ~115 g, not including the cable. This gaming mouse has also received the NVIDIA Reflex technology certification. The NVIDIA Reflex technology is also compatible with monitors that are equipped with the NVIDIA Reflex Latency Analyzer tool, which can display the system latency. 


For this mouse, we played heavy FPS games such as Fortnite, Valorant, Overwatch, and Call of Duty to test out whether it was good for gaming. Now, this gaming mouse has amazing accessibility. First, the DPI on this mouse is well-adjusted with four distinct levels. It’s a manual switch, as well as making it easier for you to find the best sensitivity and control for the game you are playing. The different DPI settings also have a very big difference from one another, making them more suitable for various players. In addition to the DPI settings, the sensitivity of this mouse is outstanding. There is no noticeable delay or drag on this mouse. Every move, even the slightest made with this mouse, gets picked up, making it precise and well-adjusted.

The cable on this wired gaming mouse is about 1.8m long and is also braided. This length is great as it can reach across a whole gaming setup, but not just that, the wire comes with a velcro strap to tie it shorter to make it more accessible and cluster-less. We found this little addition; to be very useful for the wire, as sometimes many different wires entangle, and this velcro strap keeps this separate from the others.


This gaming mouse is also compatible with the G-Menu software that can be downloaded through the AOC website. The G-Menu displays options from customising button layouts, selecting sensitivity, and adjusting the light fx. This gaming mouse has ten distinct buttons, which can all; be mapped out to different binds. We found this feature to be extremely useful when playing FPS games, as different buttons can bind to pings, callouts, zooms etc. On the customise screen of the G-Menu, there is a nice layout of the mouse with all the 10 buttons labelled. You can customise your own key bind or select from the pre-set options that the menu is equipped with. There are options like a text editor where you can map a button to copy or paste something. The sensitivity menu allows you to adjust the DPI settings, the pointer speed, double click, scroll speed and the polling rate to your liking. The sensitivity menu allows players to find their best sensitivity rather than having to stick with what the mouse is pre-set to. This feature is really well done, as it gives more versatility to the mouse by having more options for players to choose from. The lighting FX menu is mainly to change the colour LED of the mouse. This allows people to match the RGB colour to their setup. This little touch is where you can customise the colour of your mouse. Or change it from a breathing setting to a blinking setting is a great detail that gives full control to the person using the mouse. The G-Menu is very simple and easy to work around, making it the best tool to make your mouse well-adjusted for yourself. 


Now AOC said the mouse is designed; for esport people or heavy FPS gaming, but even if you do not fall under any of those categories, this mouse is great for casual gaming or even normal work. The mouse can be used to do anything really on your laptop or PC. Its functionality is smooth, up to pace and, more importantly, very comfortable. 

Speaking of the comfort of this mouse, this mouse has an amazing; grip and is also very smooth to the touch. The mouse has a skin-friendly matte UV coating giving it a clean black finish on the build. The matte coat has no grit and feels smooth when your hand is placed on the mouse. The matte coat has no slipperiness; to it either and sticks well onto the hand. The sides of the mouse have dual-injected silicon giving it a nice textured hold for the best grip on the mouse. The inclusion; of the rubber base makes it better for the mouse to not slip away from your fingers. Overall, the comfort of the mouse when being used for hours on end when gaming is excellent. There are zero discomforts from this mouse whatsoever. 

For this gaming mouse prior to this, we have not used a mouse that is near the price range of this gaming mouse. We used to use a gaming mouse that was around 10 euros. Compared to this mouse, that gaming mouse had zero heft, as in it was too light, and the comfort on the side grips was a lot more gritty feeling. Not just that, but this mouse has much more customization than any cheap mouse would have.


In terms of improvements, we would not have any suggestions as the overall build and efficiency of this model is outstanding. For future reference, if AOC wanted to use this very model, they could release a wireless version of this mouse which could appeal to a bigger audience.

This gaming mouse has wonderful customization to it, which we believe will help it appeal to a wide audience. The AGON AGM600 gaming mouse has a sleek design with such simplicity. The mouse comes with many buttons and software that you can use to best fit its features to your preference. We found this mouse to be amazing and worth £39.99. You will not find a mouse in this price range that has many features that can be adjusted for your; own best comfort. The mouse has; a nice grip lining and the RGB adds more to its design. It can not get any better as this mouse has low latency and high responsiveness, meaning you will have no noticeable delay or setback to anything you do. If you want a gaming mouse that has a nice slick design, great customization for its sensitivity, has great; comfort and grip with plenty of buttons for your endless gaming mouse binds, then definitely go check out the AGON AGM600 gaming mouse! 

Overall: 9.5/10

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