The American Dream – July 4th Trailer

The American Dream – July 4th Trailer

It’s safe to say that the “Special Relationship” between the UK and USA has seen better days.

But it’s worth remembering all of the wonderful things that the USA has given to this country; The Waltons, Kenny Powers, Limp Bizkit, Beyoncé, and a healthy fear of the NRA.

The American Dream VR, a satirical virtual take on America’s obsessive gun culture, has released an in-game tribute to the Fourth of July on the eve of the explosive-fuelled American holiday.

The American Dream is a VR game coming later this summer that examines America’s obsession with guns and gun culture from Aussie devs Samurai Punk. Part satire and all Virtually Real, you’ll venture on a twisted, funny, dark journey through the life of an everyday American (starting at birth), using your various guns for everyday tasks like opening a beer or getting dressed, trimming the hedges or going to work.

The American Dream 3

The American Dream VR will hit later this summer.

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