Always in Mind – Gift Trailer

A brand new trailer for Always in Mind has just been revealed at The MIX + Kinda Funny Spring Game Showcase, providing the latest look at Inevitable Studios’ upcoming story-rich adventure. A playable demo is also available to download on Steam.

Always in Mind is a modern coming-of-age tale in which you play as 12-year-old Teddy as he plummets into the vast subconscious of his own mind. Joined by a virtual caregiver named “Proxy,” Teddy must escape his own mind before the glitches plaguing Proxy bring their adventure to an end. Along the way, Teddy will uncover Proxy’s mysterious connection to the mother he never knew, and explore elaborate simulations of his family history built specifically for him. By embracing difficult topics, but framing each from the perspective of hope, Always in Mind bridges the gap between narrative and action, fusing intuitive controls with unforgettable powers to deliver an emotional response that lives with you long after you put the controller down.

A story from the heart told within the mind, Always in Mind delivers both fun AND feels.

About Inevitable Studios
Founded by industry veteran Cord Smith (Compulsion Games, Square Enix, UBISOFT, Sega), Inevitable Studios is a remote-structured game studio born out of a desire to create meaningful games with talented people all across the globe. With a focus on communication, integrity, and creative collaboration, our studio capitalizes on its cross-culture geo-agnostic approach by assigning team members to the work that suits them best.

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