Alwa’s Legacy Review

Developer: Elden Pixels

Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5 (Reviewed), Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S 

Genre: Adventure

Publisher: Elden Pixels, Clear River Games


Alwa’s Legacy is a modern update of the classic dungeon crawler games of the 90s. It’s a mix of action, platformer, puzzles and tonnes of action too. It would fall into the Metroidvanias genre, a mixture of Metroid and Castlevania. You can expect a beautifully pixelated world that you must explore to uncover every secret and become the best version of yourself. It does have a classic retro feel too.


First impressions of the game were a bright and mystical world full of secrets. The main character has no idea where they are or what’s going. The story starts from a point where you must figure out why Alwa is here and you; begin your journey. You must explore numerous dungeons to figure out your place in the world. As you move through each level, you find new characters, powerups, spells, and the story unravels. It’s an adventure that isn’t linear and will require you to traverse, teleport and find secrets in every nook and cranny. As new areas become unlocked, there is some retracing of your steps. I loved the interconnectivity of the world and how there are multiple ways to access different; areas in a deep rich map. 


Alwa’s Legacy gets a lot of things right from gameplay, visuals, sound, level design, and just that it’s a fun game. Like any action-adventure game, there is, levelling and finding new powers along your journey. It does a great job of being flexible, and you can power up as you see fit. I enjoyed the variety between action, platform and puzzle mechanics in the game. I never got bored; the story, while nothing helps push forward your existence in the world. World and level design are superb the world; consists of a maze of interconnected dungeons with new creatures in new areas of the world. The retro pixelated style gives the game a real glossy and nostalgic feel. It’s a superbly developed game that gets all the game mechanics just right and feels great to play.


Alwa’s Legacy was partly funded by a Kickstarter too. The game is also a sequel to Alwa’s Awakening.

Alwa’s Legacy is a Metroidvania game that does a great job in combining; a wonderful world and fantastic action with solid game mechanics. The game has tonnes of items and levels to uncover. It’s a throwback to retro pixel games but updated for today with smoother gameplay and superb design too. It was a thoroughly fun and engrossing game I couldn’t put down.

Overall: 8.5/10

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