Alice in Leatherland #2 – #5 Review

Created By: Iolanda Zanfardino & Elisa Romboli

Written By: Iolanda Zanfardino

Illustrated By: Elisa Romboli

Cover By: Elisa Romboli

Published By: Black Mask Studios

Release Date: #5 Finale is out now



Alice is struggling to find where she belongs, not just in the big city of San Francisco but also as a newly single woman, looking to find love once more. All the while, her former book illustrator Robin is confident in her ability to hook up with anyone. However she is adamant to never get involved in a committed relationship. Through various encounters, failed dates and some self discovery – can these two fireflies find someone that will make them glow again? From the creative team of Iolanda Zanfardino and Elisa Romboli, comes Alice in Leatherland!


This was such a sweet and kinky fairytale-esque series that follows a woman named Alice as she takes one giant leap into the Wondrous Land of San Francisco! Now far from her home in Yosemite, Alice is now in the big city. Full of people with big personalities, a daunting dating scene, an expensive living situation and her chance to fully accept and explore her own sexual journey. With plenty of LGBTQ+ people living in San Fran, it’s a wide dating pool out there to explore. With a helping hand and some guidance from her new housemates, Alice eventually just dives right in. All the while struggling with a writer’s block on her current book, one that will inevitably reflect her own experiences in SF.


Then we have her illustrator Robin, a woman that avoids commitment, is out there to satisfy herself and who also has a strict set of rules when it comes to hooking up. Although the pair have known one another for some time now, starting back in Yosemite. They have never hooked up, it’s when they both move and go their separate ways in San Fran do the two start to fall for one another. As though fate and the city are pulling them together. It’s through seeing how Alice begins to evolve in the big city, through her new job, attitude, dating profile and sexy new look – does it hit Robin that she will do anything now to be her Prince Charming. Robin goes through her own metamorphosis, most of which is mentally as she reflects on her lifestyle and commitment choices.


Alice in Leatherland is brought to us by real-life creative couple Iolanda Zanfardino (writer) and Elisa Romboli (artist) while they were in a pandemic lockdown together. Having found the time to sit down and work on a comic book mini series together at long last, they created this diverse, modern romantic comedy that is bound to make a splash in the comic book industry. ‘Alice in Leatherland’ is being published by Black Mask Studios, the Los Angeles based indie publishing company. Who has previously published the following acclaimed titles; Calexit, Black, 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank, Loud, and Destiny, NY. You can buy the single issues of Alice in Leatherland right now, or you can wait just a few more months for the compiled trade paperback collecting the entire series to be released on the 3rd November.

Overall: 9/10


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