Albert Einstein Time Mason #1 Cover A

Albert Einstein: Time Mason #1

He’s got the mind! He’s got the might! He’s got the mustache! When history threatens to unravel, there’s only one hero to call: ALBERT EINSTEIN. Get ready for James Bond, Doctor Who and Han Solo rolled into one wise-cracking, sure-fisted genius. This is Albert Einstein as you’ve never imagined, leading a team of historical figures called THE TIME MASONS as they battle threats from the past, present and (possible) future. 

In this time-hopping action/comedy series, Einstein matches wits with a brilliant foe that puts our timeline in peril.  Buckle up for a chase through the ages as the Time Masons race to save the world as we know it.  

Albert Einstein Time Mason #1 Page 1

The story and artwork of ALBERT EINSTEIN: TIME MASON are love letters to 1960’s era comics and epic action films. Geek Syndicate comments that ” …if you loved pulp adventure with a lighter tone that puts it more on par with something like Atomic Robo, then I urge you check this one out.” If you’re a fan of classic comics and films, like Jack Kirby’s run on Fantastic Four or Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, don’t miss this new Action Lab Entertainment series.

Writer Marcus Perry comments: “This character and this story represent everything we grew up with that we’re still passionate about. It’s a nod to Raiders of the Lost Ark and Star Wars, with an emphasis on fun. And when you’ve got the greatest mind of all time to play with… there’s no limit to where you can take him.”

Artist Tony Donley adds: “We wanted to create something retro, but put a modern twist on it. It’s a guy you think you know from the history books, shot through a prism you’re gonna love. ALBERT EINSTEIN: TIME MASON is a blast to draw, and we think it’s a blast to read, too!”

Albert Einstein Time Mason #1 Page 2

Get ready for the greatest time-travel adventure series history has never seen! The first issue of ALBERT EINSTEIN: TIME MASON will be available in a comic store near you on October 3rd. Pre-order the gorgeous Dave Johnson (100 BulletsDeadpool) cover and Tony Donley’s retro variant with the following Diamond item codes:


Writer(s): Marcus Perry
Artist Name(s): Tony Donley (Pencils/Inks/Colors)
Cover A – Dave Johnson
Cover B – Tony Donley



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