Adventure Time OGN Vol. 12: Thunder Road Review

Created by: Pendleton Ward

Writer: Jeremy Sorese

Artist: Zachary Sterling

Colors:Laura Langston

Letters: Mike Fiorentino

Cover: Jonathan Cantero

Designer: Kara Leopard

Assistant Editor: Michael Moccio

Editor: Whitney Leopard

Publisher: BOOM! Studios/KaBOOM!


I freaking love Adventure Time, the cartoon. Had never read a comic based on it before. And having said that, I’m forced to say that I was left disappointed by Thunder Road. Let me explain why:

The story starts in the middle of the action, with Marceline, the main character of this story, and Finn, the human, rescuing candy citizens from a downpour that is melting down the Candy Kingdom. In her urge to help, Marceline flies above the rain clouds and discovers a gang of sentient storm clouds has built their new home right above the kingdom, and things start to get interesting from there.


In her efforts to protect her kingdom, Princess Bubblegum ends up getting challenged to a race by the gang leader, her victory in exchange of their departure. Things got meh from there.

The whole subplot of Marceline befriending the gang members in order to get intel for her team and ending up being discovered, prompting a moral debate between her and Bubblegum about cheating was alright, but happens so quickly that you barely have time to care. The race itself, that is supposed to be the big event of the story, also feels rushed.


The thing the writer wanted to put focus on, that is the relationship between Marceline and P.B., is placed at the end and drags it on for an unnecessary time, bringing it to a convoluted resolution that leaves no impact on the reader whatsoever.

By the last page I felt that I was either reading a first draft, or that I was reading the summarized story for a bigger arc. Sad to say the potential this story had was not taken to the full.

Overall: 3/10


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