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QUByte Interactive and Cadabra Games to release ADORE, the first Monster Taming Brazilian game with real-time combat

The Brazilian publisher QUByte Interactive, in partnership with Cadabra Games, a studio from Mato Grosso do Sul, will be launching the game ADORE for Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

The game, which has been available in early access on Steam since 2020, has captured the attention of the public with its creature design, characters, and especially its art.

ADORE won the Best Brazilian Game award at BIG 2019, standing out for its innovative gameplay in the Monster Taming genre and its art direction. “This is the first highly acclaimed Brazilian Monster Taming game, and we want to showcase the potential of Brazilian studios to the world,” says Bruno Carvalho, partner at QUByte Interactive.
“ADORE was in development from 2018 to 2023, and based on player feedback on Steam, we made adjustments and shaped Adore accordingly. We’ve always enjoyed games with control over multiple units, but they are often too complicated for casual players. So, the idea arose to bring that experience in a more accessible way,” says Diogo Carneiro, partner at Cadabra Games.
ADORE takes place in the Gaterdrik universe and tells the story of Lukha, a boy capable of summoning and controlling creatures to fight alongside him. Players can customize their gameplay style based on the creatures they capture, each with different characteristics and abilities. Additionally, there is the Synergy System, Traits, and Special Abilities, which allow for even more varied gameplay styles and powerful combos!
During Lukha’s journey to revive Draknar, he not only discovers many secrets of the immense and mysterious world of Gaterdrik but also the conspiracy that killed Draknar.
Explore Gaterdrik
Draknar, the God of creatures, is dead, and a curse is spreading, taking control of all his creatures inhabiting Gaterdrik. But the last spark is the flame felt in Lukha, an apprentice of the worshippers and Draknar’s last hope.
True Adorer
Put all your knowledge to the test. Knowing when to summon each creature, having good positioning, when to call them back, which artifact or rune to use, how to prepare yourself and your creatures for expeditions, and training your creatures. All of this is just the surface of a true adorer!
Game Features:
  • Synergy System: Your creatures work better together. You can create synergies between them. Each synergy a creature possesses will activate an extra ability or modify your creature.
  • Traits: Embark on expeditions to find statues of Draknar, the God of creatures, so that your creatures acquire traits that make them unique.
  • Special Abilities: Each creature also possesses a special ability that can be used when its energy bar is full. You have to decide when the best time is to use the special ability most effectively.
  • Runes and Artifacts: Equip and upgrade special runes and artifacts that best complement the qualities of your creature team.
  • Cooking: Gather ingredients during your adventures and create unique dishes to aid you and your creatures on your journey.

About QUByte Interactive:
QUByte is the largest independent publisher in Latin America for consoles and has its own in-house development studio, which is currently working on MARS 2120. QUByte’s goal is to develop the local industry through partnerships in porting, publishing, and game development.

About Cadabra Games:
Award-winning Brazilian game developer focused on creating experiences that prioritize gameplay as the main pillar, enchanting casual players and challenging those in search of a thrill. “Magic where it matters the most. In the vein of our games”

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