A Tiny Sticker Tale Review

Developer: Ogre Pixel

Platforms: Linux, MacOS, PC (Reviewed), Switch

Genre: Adventure

Publisher: Ogre Pixel


A Tiny Sticker Tale is a 2D cosy miniature adventure. This game was developed and published by Ogre Pixel. There are not many games similar to A Tiny Sticker Tale; it has its own unique way of play. This review was done for the PC but is also available for the Switch, MacOs and Linux.

A Tiny Sticker Tale is a single-player game where you play as Flynn, the donkey who travels to Figori Island in search of his father, but all Flynn ends up finding are a bunch of notes leading to his father across the Island. Flynn has his handy-dandy sticker book, and with its power, he can move every object and character into a sticker. He can go from being in adventure mode to sticker mode to help solve multiple puzzles around the island. As you explore the island, you learn more about the people living there and unveil the short that revolves around Flynn.


The controls for A Tiny Sticker Tale are very simple. When starting off the game, you go through a little tutorial that teaches you both the controls and mechanics of the game. Plus, there are not many controls that you need to be wary of, and all of them are displayed on the screen as you play the game. There are no visible delays in the controls as the keyboard and mouse both work very smoothly.

The art style for A Tiny Sticker Tale is intriguing, especially the overview of the game. In a way, it’s a medium-sized cube that fills the screen with the locations in the game. The cubes of scenery change from area to area as you go through them. Each area has a name, which is displayed at the top right corner. The art style has a mix of 3D and 2D elements, which resemble slightly a pop-up book. The subtle art style consists of cartoonish elements that seem to be digitally drawn. Various components also have animations, to them which brings the game more to life as most of the environment is still. Character designs are also very cute as they are animals with unique personalities. Alongside the visuals, the soundtrack to this game is so relaxing. As you go through different locations, depending on the environment you’re in, the music matches the vibe. For instance, when near the beach during the day, instrumental music that consists of maracas and drums plays such a fun and vibrant melody, compared to when near the beach during the night, which plays instrumental music that consists of a triangle and subtle piano. The different music that plays as the scenery changes makes this game very calming. I really enjoy the visuals and audio of this game.


What’s so interesting about this game is that it plays around this idea of a story that is being controlled through Flynn’s ability to turn items into stickers. Being able to have this ability, multiple puzzles need to be solved to unveil the story and meet new characters. There’s this really fun character in this game that reminds me of Swiper no Swiper from Dora the Explorer, where the skunk, in this case, comes and messes something up to make Flynn’s life more difficult. I found the puzzles to be very fun to try to solve as you would use various items in different locations to try to use them to your advantage. Some stickers even interact with other things to create something that might be of better use. I like that, alongside the story, you can carry out objectives that the characters you meet give you. The only thing I would say that I wish was a bit different was for the sticker book to be a bit bigger, as it limits how many stickers can be placed, which makes the game longer as you have to go back and forth to different areas. Also, the game does not have a map, so sometimes it’s easy to get lost between flipping through locations, which makes the game a bit inconvenient sometimes. Besides that, I enjoyed the game as it was something different, with unique mechanics that get the player to think in a much more creative way. If you want to play a novel puzzle game that is disguised in creativity through the power of stickers, then A Tiny Sticker Tale is the game for you.


If you want to play a novel puzzle game that is disguised in creativity through the power of stickers, then A Tiny Sticker Tale is the game for you. It’s a short but captivating game that gets you to think in a way you did not think was possible. The game has cute visuals with a complement of melodic tunes to keep you going on your adventure. Be sure to check out A Tiny Sticker Tale!

Overall: 8.5/10

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