A Thing Called Truth #1 Review

Witten By: Iolanda Zanfardino

Illustrated By: Elisa Romboli

Cover Art: Elisa Romboli

Series Length: 5 issues

Published By: Image Comics/Shadowline Comics

Release Date: 3rd November 2021

Dr. Mag Traumer is a devoted scientist, who spends the vast majority of her time working away like a mad woman in her lab. It has all paid off however, as she has finally proven that her invention can save millions of dollars, be widely accessible to all hospitals and is bound to save countless lives. Her devotion however came at a cost, with a broken marriage and divorce papers still awaiting her final signature, Dr Traumer is unexpectedly hit with a sudden case of reality when her boss unjustly finishes her contract thus locking her out of her lab and all her hard work. Now she stands in a bar, telling everyone her story and downing liquor at a worrying rate. To the point that she awakens in the back seat of her car, a stranger at the wheel and suddenly on a European road trip. Just how does this story connect together, I guess only Issue 2 will have to clue us in.


From the same creator of ‘Alice in Leatherland’, Iolanda Zanfardino returns with a brand new series. ‘A Thing Called Truth’ is their latest comic title, this time being published by the people over at Image Comics. This five issue mini series has already been quoted as being ‘a chaotic LGBTQ+ road trip’. Having only read Issue One thus far, I can see where they are coming from. We follow a woman by the name of Dr. Mag Traumer, a scientist working for Doppel Krzuz Pharma. Having just completed numerous tests on her latest ground breaking project, she goes home knowing that her invention will have a positive impact on the world of medicine. However, as you expected, she gets dismissed from her job and all her work is kept by her employer under the rules of her contract. Mag soon ends up in a bar, drinking her sorrows away. The fact that she blacks out in her car, only to awaken to a stranger driving in a very unfamiliar environment.

So thus far we have met Mag, seen how she was wronged by her employer, her work stolen and now struggling to deal with it all. Her new ‘chauffeur’ however is still a mystery, but she appears brave to the point of idiotic, having jumped in someones car and taken off. Her reaction to finding the owner of said car in the back seat, suggests this girl really does not give two shits. And then ending the issue with the fact they are now on an unexplained road trip across Europe? Just where did they begin from and what on Earth is about to happen next?! I can not see how this is going to turn into a sudden romance.


According to the author, ‘A Thing Called Truth’ is set to be a high energy road trip adventure mini series, where the characters go on a soul searching journey so they can discover the ideal balance between devoting themselves fully to work, whilst still enjoying life to the fullest. Something that Mag is in desperate need of learning, after her failed marriage and sudden job loss. The artwork for this series is being provided by Elisa Romboli, who has also worked on ‘Alice in Leatherland’ and ‘Destiny, NY’. Both of which I have done reviews of in the past. You can see the similar artstyle between all three titles, and with both Elisa and Iolanda having worked together in the past, this is sure to be an interesting series nonetheless. It is also supportive of the LGBTQ+ community, as we are supposed to see some kind of love interest dynamic evolving between our two female lead characters in the coming issues.

‘A Thing Called Truth’ #1 will be available to buy today in your local comic book store, or indeed online from the publishers – Image Comics. It was quite an interesting first issue, one that certainly needs more explanation. However it is still worth picking up, especially if you enjoyed Iolanda’s previous published works.

‘A Thing Called Truth’ #2 is set to be released on December 8th.

Overall: 7/10

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