A Star Is Born Review

Starring: Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga, Sam Elliot, Dave Chappelle, Anthony Ramos, Bonnie Somerville, Andrew Dice Clay.

Director: Bradley Cooper

Release date: 3rd October 2018


Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) is a hugely famous singer/ songwriter, with the world at his feet. Only problem is, is that he’s an alcoholic who can’t control his drinking habits. One night after a gig, needing a drink but having none left in his limo, he stops in to a local bar (which turns out to be a drag bar) and sees a girl performing a song in French. He’s immediately struck by the power of her voice and asks to be introduced. He’s taken backstage, where he meets Ally (Lady Gaga) and the pair start talking. They gradually grow closer and closer, and it’s not long before Ally’s singing career sky rockets. Jackson is struggling with his addiction to alcohol and prescription meds but tries to help Ally in any way he can.


This is the 4th time that A Star Is Born has been made into a movie but most people would probably be most familiar with the 1976 one starring Barbara Streisand and Kris Kristofferson. This new one feels very much like it’s aimed at a new generation of viewers.

I really enjoyed watching this new modernised version and thought Bradley Cooper does a great ‘Kris Kristofferson’ for his role of Jackson Maine. The real star of this movie though is Lady Gaga. She’s hardly recognisable as Ally, a girl who doesn’t really believe in her own talents as a singer. Her voice just seems to have this purity to it that you don’t seem to hear as much these days in modern music.

I think that if you haven’t seen the 1976 version, then you may get more out of the film than someone who has; ie they know the ending. That being said, I think this could probably be a high contender for movie of the year for quite a few people. It has everything you want really; a great story, solid but flawed characters, great soundtrack and also there’s the fact that the characters are actually singing, instead of being dubbed over.


I found it to be slightly long but other than that it’s a really great film. There’s already been a lot of hype surrounding the release of it but that’s no bad thing in this one’s case. If you’ve seen the older version, don’t use that as an excuse to not go and see this one. Bradley Cooper’s roles as both Director and Actor blur seamlessly into one another and I honestly think that he’s done a fantastic job.

This is a film that I think everyone should see and it could very well become as iconic as its predecessor. Lady Gaga is obviously no Barbara Streisand but don’t let that put you off.

Overall: 9/10


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