A Fold Apart – Game Preview Trailer

Solve the puzzle of long distance relationships in A Fold Apart

Toronto, Canada Dec 10, 2018 — This weekend, Lightning Rod Games had the pleasure of showing off a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming title A Fold Apart during the Kinda Funny Showcase.

The upcoming puzzle-driven narrative adventure is inspired by the real-life story of designer Mark Laframboise, and the relationships we have with those we care about while separated by long distances. Explore the complexity of (mis)communication and reunite two people greatly in love through the mechanics of folding paper.

A Fold Apart unfurls a tale of an Architect and a Teacher who have been forced apart by their careers, and the difficulties they encounter while separated. By puzzling through their beautiful paper worlds, we experience firsthand the emotional challenges of living apart. A Fold Apart shares an incredibly relatable narrative and shows that in a world built of paper, there are two sides to every story.






A Fold Apart is set to release in the spring of 2019 on Windows and Nintendo Switch with planned PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launches to follow. For more information, head to the Lightning Rod Games website:

About A Fold Apart

A Fold Apart is an award-winning 3D puzzle game from Lightning Rod Games that explores the emotional struggles of a long-distance relationship through a unique new mechanic — folding paper!

About Lightning Rod Games

Lightning Rod Games is dedicated to creating family-friendly entertainment that touches the hearts and minds of players of all ages. Our games are designed to be emotionally engaging and encourage players to think creatively.

Our team of industry veterans have over twenty years of experience working at studios such as Electronic Arts, Disney Interactive and Ubisoft, and are uniquely suited to developing our signature brand of heart-warming, memorable gameplay.

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