A Dog’s Purpose Review

A Dog’s Purpose Review

Starring: Josh Gad, Dennis Quaid, Peggy Lipton, K.J. Apa, Britt Robertson.

Director: Lasse Hallstrom

Release date: 5th May 2017


The story begins with the birth of a small dog. Initially abandoned in a hot car, he is discovered half dead from the heat, by a young boy and his mother. She breaks the window and the rescue is made. The boy’s name is Ethan and he convinces his parents that they should keep this very cute puppy. He decides to name the dog, Bailey and the two spend many happy years together, forging a very strong bond. Time passes, and Ethan eventually has to head off to College, leaving Bailey behind. Bailey is extremely confused but just has to accept the situation. Time passes and Bailey pines for Ethan, and eventually Bailey reaches old age. The usual thing happens, that happens when you have an elderly dog, and you don’t want them to suffer.. Ethan arrives home to say his goodbyes, and soon Bailey is gone… Next thing, Bailey is conscious of waking in the form of a new puppy. We follow Bailey’s journey as he wakes up in body after body, after living many various lives. Can he find/ locate ‘the purpose’ that he is so desperate to find?

Based on the best-selling novel, “A Dog’s Purpose” by W. Bruce Cameron, the movie tells the very basic story of a creature looking for a purpose, and a meaning to its life. The book was first released back in 2010, to critical acclaim. It was a New York Times Best-seller for an incredible forty-nine weeks, and a sequel titled, ‘A Dog’s Journey’ followed in 2012.

What an emotional rollercoaster of a movie! I kind of knew to expect a doggie death or two, but ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ had me in floods of tears (though in a good way, if that’s possible). A really great, very simple story of the connection between a dog and its owner, it’s one that pretty much all of us can identify with at some time in our lives. A connection which I guess we never really think too much about, but it’s one which we’ve all felt. If you have ever owned a pet, then you know of that extremely strong bond I’m talking about.

If you’re a dog lover, then you will really enjoy this movie. There are quite a few scenes where you’ll definitely need to have a hankie ready, but it’s all worth it. A really great vocal performance from Josh Gad (Olaf in Disney’s ‘Frozen’) and also by Dennis Quaid as the older Ethan. Not really a huge extensive cast, but with stories like this, it’s just not that important.

A movie with real heart and a brilliant story, it’s definitely worth watching.


Overall: 8.5/10



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