Writer: Joe Casey

Artist: Ulises Farinas

Colors: Melody Often

Lettering: Rus Wooton

Cover: Ulises Farinas

Publisher: Image Comics




Now that Manowarrior escaped from Beeb and the Boy Band Nation, he’s got to find his way back to his team, unless they are able to find him first! But is Steppenwulf’s own problem of losing control keeping their focus on something else? The third issue of New Lieutenants of Metal starts and ends with a bang; head bang that is. It’s a smashing good time, just like its predecessors; so much fun packed into the bright, active pages. Hope you haven’t been missing this series, but if you have, jump on in and see what the heavy metal fuss is all about. Oh, and don’t forget to check out the playlists at the start of every issue. Background music just enhances the whole experience.


Krieg, Spike, and Vandenborg Riot have a lot to deal with this time around, but they feel they are up to the task. Smack on your similar sense of confidence and check out their continuing clashes with the pop culture creeps we love to hate. Zippy dialogue, hilarious narration, and over-the-top antics define this cartoon series, which also sports a few inner title sequences, ala some anime shows. Raucous and righteous. The only part that made me stop and scratch my head was Beeb’s statement of: “It’s so perfect — a showdown in the show!” Was it supposed to be snow instead of show? One will never know.


I’ve expressed my admiration and delight of the art in past reviews, so I’ll just reiterate it here: the art is “metal as hell!” I love all of the New Lieutenants more and more as I read subsequent issues, and I have to say that the world they inhabit seems like the coolest place, even with rascally rockers like Beeb and his boys. The expressions and body language of the characters crack me up, as do their original designs. I’m lovin’ it and can’t wait for more.

Overall: 9/10