Tinykin Preview

Developer: Splashteam 

Platforms: Previewed on Steam Coming to Switch, Playstation and Xbox

Genre: Action, Adventure

Publisher: tinyBuild


We got our hands on a preview build of Splashteam’s second game Tinykin. Tinykin is a wonderful cartoon animated 3D adventure. It does pay homage to Pikmin for sure and does give me Toy Story vibes through the look and feel. The perspective is from a small character (the size of a small toy) in a human world. You start in the living room, which seems massive, and you encounter a whole cast of creatures on your journey. What hit me straight away was the stunning cartoony graphics that were bright but in a beautiful 3D world. I was more than pleasantly surprised; it was polished from start to finish.


The preview does give you an entire level to discover the game mechanics and a feel for the game. You play as Milo, the explorer, who is in this amazing living room full of life and creatures. The game does have that mix of platform and puzzle all rolled into one. It’s a joyful, bright, and wonderful experience. The game has tons of characters, and the cartoon art style gives a fantastic look and feel.

Milo has a supporting cast of Tinykins little creatures with special powers; in the preview, you encounter two types of Tinykins who can move items and blow things up.


A mix of platform, strategy and using Tinykins constitute the gameplay. It’s a very fun platform game with a lot of puzzles to solve in a beautifully rendered world. I played the game using an Xbox controller, and the controls are super intuitive. The game does give directed guidelines as you uncover a new mechanic. The game is super slick and a real joy to play.


I was impressed from the start with the wonderful look and feel. The game looks and feels polished. The game mechanics were intuitive, and the art style lends itself to a beautiful looking game. This one level was a great taster, but I’m looking forward to seeing what the full game holds and how much richer it will be.


If you want to check out the demo, it is available on Steam from today until Monday, February 28th.

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