Supernova review

Starring: Colin Firth, Stanley Tucci, Pippa Haywood, Nina Marlin, James Dreyfus, Ian Drysdale

Director: Harry Macqueen

Release date: 5th March 2021

Tusker (Stanley Tucci) and Sam (Colin Firth) are taking a well deserved road trip in a campervan across England. The couple have been together for twenty years and are both well accomplished in their own careers; Tusker is a published author and Sam is a Concert Pianist. The trip is to see places from their past and also to revisit old friends and acquaintances. While in the early stages of their trip, Tusker goes missing. Sam is frantic with worry and at this stage there is no real full picture of why Sam is so worried for Tusker’s safety. Fortunately he soon turns up unharmed and none the worse for wear. He tells Sam that he’s being overly protective but it soon becomes clear that there is an undercurrent and method to Sam’s madness.


The pair continue their journey and manage to fit in a visit with Sam’s family. Tusker was diagnosed with early onset dementia relatively recently and so the time the pair spend together is especially precious…

Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci are simply sublime in this movie and it is a touching and beautiful thing to watch. From the very start we are treated to rolling English countryside and a story that could indeed come from real life.

Dementia has sadly become a lot more prevalent in today’s society and the way it’s handled in ‘Supernova’ is with subtlety. It isn’t sugar coated in any way and you find yourself on the journey with Sam and Tusker.


How do you even begin to handle knowing that the remaining time you have with your husband/wife/ partner is limited and that literally every minute you have together counts? It’s something that none of us can even imagine unless we have been unfortunate enough to have experienced it.

A must watch movie, in a time that every minute we have with our loved ones counts that bit more. Stanley and Colin should definitely be getting some award nominations after their performances in this gorgeous movie.

Overall: 8.5/10

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