Superhot: Mind Contol Delete Review

Developer: Superhot Team

Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One (Reviewed)

Genre: Action, Indie

Publisher: Superhot Team


Superhot: Mind Contol Delete is the follow up to Superhot, it’s set in this laboratory super white setting, where a host of enemies rush you. It’s an FPS puzzler where you can control the speed by time with your movement. This is the twist in Superhot. This mechanism is what gives its uniqueness in gameplay. The minimalist background, character design, and the use of very few colours give this game a real clean and stylish feel, it’s almost sterile. The game-play is far from sterile.


The stripped-back look and feel emphasise the game-play, it really gets players to think strategically about your choices in-game and how you approach your enemies. I like the emphasis on the game-play. It’s not a case of style or substance, the intro and loading screens add to the futuristic feel of the game. I’m new to Superhot and I found my first few hours of gameplay disorientating, fascinating, and intriguing. I found the transition from load screens to actual gameplay with very little notice – exhilarating and chaotic. After the few hours of the gameplay and the familiarity of the puzzles in the game, I found the roguelike gameplay lots of fun. This is more focussed on the action and FPS element as opposed to puzzle games.


Even though the game centres around the one mechanism of being able to control the speed of time with movement, the levels with randomly generated enemies and layout stop the game from being repetitive. There are a plethora of weapons and items you can use to kill a variety of enemies. Cores and hacks that allow you to tweak the game in your favour by giving you superpowers or simplifying levels depending on what hack or core you choose. Cores allow you to have a persistent ability throughout the game whereas hacks are time bound or specific to a certain point in the game. The cores and hacks elevate the gameplay into a super immersive action film game where you can chain enemy kills like John Wick.


Superhot: Mind Control Delete is the unique action shooter that you haven’t played before and won’t put down. Its stripped-back clean feel is in direct contrast to the intense level of action throughout each level. The mix of action, the tactical approach, and chaos is stunning. It’s an amazing experience and every gamer should experience it.

Overall: 8/10


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