Super Space Club Launched on Steam

Vibe To The Rhythm of The Stars in Super Space Club
The lofi arcade space shooter launches today on Steam

August 4th, 2023 – Super Space Club, the lofi arcade space shooter from Jamaican solo developer GrahamOfLegend, has officially launched on Steam. Outlast waves of foes and vibe to an original chill-hop score in an endless gunner like no other.

Super Space Club is a vibrant endless gunner set to the backdrop of chill, lo-fi music. Embark into the far reaches of space and soar through the stars with smooth physics-based thrusting. Across all of the pilots, ships, and weapons featured in-game, Super Space Club offers 100+ build combinations catered to any playstyle. Sling fireworks with the explosive Olly or dish out ship-seeking shots with the stealthy Roscoe. No matter the approach, seasoned pilots must be wary of their ship’s energy while shooting. Depleted energy opens the window for devastating run-ending damage. Lock in the balance between attack and retreat, and defend the galaxy against endless waves of enemy spacecrafts.

Despite the challenge that gameplay may bring, space can be quite the dope place to chill. Missouri-based audio duo Fat Bard provides a soothing musical backdrop for the otherwise intense space battles. The original score of lo-fi beats and chill-hop tunes features vocal artists from around the globe, including reggae artist and fellow Jamaican Rizk, American hip-hop artist Artclasshero, and French vocalist Oré. Balancing a unique contrast between relaxing music and challenging gameplay, Super Space Club delivers an inherently unique arcade experience.

Ready to join the club? Super Space Club is now available on Steam, with an Xbox launch coming soon. Incoming pilots can receive critical transmissions by following GrahamOfLegend on Twitter and TikTok, as well as signing up for his development newsletter. Pilots can enjoy the original score from Fat Bard outside of the cockpit on both Bandcamp and Spotify.

Key Features:

  • Harness physics-based thrusting mechanics and outlast your enemies.
  • Groove to an original lo-fi score from Fat Bard.
  • Immerse yourself in wave-based arcade space battles.
  • Various characters, weapons, and ships offer 100+ build combinations.
  • Soar across a colorful and vibrant aesthetic.
  • Vibes.

About GrahamOfLegend

GrahamOfLegend is currently a one-man studio formed by Graham Reid, a Jamaican game developer. Coming from an arts and design background, Graham prioritizes visuals in his work, striving to create games that visually stand out in the industry and feel like an evolution of what’s come before his time as a developer. His goal is to create stunning and memorable visual experiences for people to enjoy and immerse themselves in.

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