Sokobos Review

Developer: Daisy Games

Platform: PC – Steam

Genre: Puzzle

Publisher: Daisy Games


Sokobos is a minimalistic 2D puzzle game; that is reminiscent of old school retro puzzle games. It does remind me of classic puzzle games that I loved. 


Sokobos has a simple user interface, with an emphasis on bright colours against a black backdrop. It’s stripped back to basics; the emphasis is on the gameplay and game mechanics. You rearrange and move pieces around a board to solve a puzzle; the complexity comes in the obstacles you have to avoid and the limited options to move the pieces. It’s a simple idea, but that’s the brilliance. This simple idea becomes more complex as you progress the game. 

The Greek Tragedy theme is used as the basis of the puzzles and the artefacts you build.


There are 60 levels which get more challenging as you progress. The game has a leaderboard to see how you have performed against other players. The game has support for colourblind as well.


Sokobos is a retro puzzler that is a throwback to classic 2D puzzles. The game does have a Greek Tragedy theme, and the puzzles start simple but become gradually more testing. Game mechanics are simple and easy to pick up. I love puzzle games, and it’s nice to revisit a genre I haven’t played in such a long time.

Overall: 7/10

Available for $4.99

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