Share Your Sticker Creations This Month in Sticky Business

Share Your Sticker Creations with the World Later This Month in Sticky Business!

Cozy small business sim heads to Steam on July 17th

Wiesbaden, Germany – July 6th, 2023 – It’s almost time to place an order! Publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer Spellgarden Games are excited to announce the official release date for the upcoming cozy small business sim, Sticky Business. Set to launch on July 17th, Sticky Business encourages players to let their imagination run wild as they make and pack up boxes of stickers while experiencing the ins and outs of owning a small business. Sticky Business will also be participating in SimFest, an upcoming digital event on Steam that celebrates simulation games of all kinds!

As the owner of a brand-new sticker making business, players will be able to create amazing stickers with thousands of customization options. Players will spend time making adorable and fun creations in their personal style, packing orders, developing their online store, and building up customer relationships. And while stretching creative muscles can be fun and exciting, owning a business comes with challenges. 

Sticky Business also features a special Twitch integration allowing a fun way for content creators to engage with their audience. Viewers can place an order and the content creator has to fulfil this by creating the requested sticker.

During a work day, players will learn to take care of the business side of things which entails, creating an eye-catching and user-friendly online storefront, reading messages from new and recurring customers, upgrading stickers using the experience points gained from past orders, and more. Once players have those details handled, they’ll be able to manage their sales, pack orders, and decide what adorable extra goodies customers may receive. The more stickers players create and unlock, means also unlocking new and unique customers. After a while, players will be running a sustainable business and watching as their creations bring joy to their customers’ lives!

Key Features

  • Create and Share: Get creative and build the cutest stickers out of thousands of possible combinations. Mix and match them to fit your personal style!
  • Meet Your Customers: Businesses always start small and work their way up. Watch as your business grows and experience stories from the customers who place orders.
  • Relax and Vibe: Enjoy a lovely pastel palette and a relaxing soundtrack to help inspire your perfect business. 
  • Earn and Upgrade: Use your hard-earned revenue to buy upgrades for your shop, get more sticker graphics and effect foils to make your products even more enticing.

Sticky Business is set to release on PC via Steam on July 17th. To keep up to date with the latest Sticky Business news, follow Assemble Entertainment on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and join the official Assemble Discord server.  

Follow all things Spellgarden Games on Twitter, and TikTok, and join the Discord community.

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