Sanguivore: Twenty Below – Early Access Trailer

New Co-op Horror ‘ESCAPE-TOWN’ experience ‘SANGUIVORE: Twenty Below’ is Officially Coming to Steam & EPIC Early Access from 1st December 2023.

Publisher Forthright Entertainment and Developer Blood Eater Games are pleased to announce that their new cooperative horror experience, Sanguivore: Twenty Below will be entering steam early access on the 1st of December.

Enter the terrifying realm of Sanguivore: Twenty Below. A world in which you are stalked by freakish abominations with a hunger for your flesh and blood. The only hope for your survival lies in your wits and the bond you share with your companions. Will you survive or are you merely some monstrosities’ next meal?

Sanguivore: Twenty Below sees you trapped in a ‘puzzle complex’; a sequence of escape rooms which gradually increase in difficulty and size all the way from a single room to an entire town. To escape, you must work to solve mind-bending puzzles, gather helpful tools, and stay sharp, all whilst trying to evade falling into the clutches of the horrifying Sanguivore.

Play Solo or work collaboratively alongside a group of up to four friends. Forge an unbreakable bond of trust with your companions as your survival depends just as much on them as yourself. If any one of you falls to the Sanguivore, the rest must work together to save them from its clutches. Your journey to freedom depends on your ability to work together and find the path to multiple escape exits as you work through four distinct areas each with their own challenges, but each offering four possible escape routes.

“Forthright Entertainment and Blood Eater Games are pleased to be partnering up on this fun, horror co-op experience. It really is a mix of Escape Room meets Escape Town and working together as a team, solving puzzles and stealth is your primary focus whilst being hunted. The huge amount of fun we have had playtesting the game means we are sure fans of Horror co-op survival games will have an amazing time whilst we shape the game for the full release in 2024.” Ryan Waller, Forthright Entertainment.

Key Features

  • Multiple solutions – Each level has a selection of different escape routes and solutions. So don’t be afraid to try a different approach. You never know what might work.
  • Progression – As you complete each level, you’ll gain experience and ‘shards’ which you can use to unlock special survivor skills, perks, and skins, helping you in your ongoing battle against the Sanguivore.
  • Collectible cards can be found around the map, which provide additional challenges to be completed on subsequent runs providing an additional means to vary the gameplay from one game to the next.
  • Work together – Come together with a group of four friends to try to escape in the quickest time possible. It is vital that you all escape, so don’t let anyone get left behind.
  • The Sanguivore – Sanguivore translates to “blood eater”, which describes a wide selection of flesh-eating monsters. In Sanguivore: Twenty below, the first predatorial threat takes the form of Vampires, with other bloodthirsty opponents planned for future maps. 

About Forthright Entertainment

Based in Knoxville, Tennessee, Forthright Entertainment is a boutique publisher of games for PC and consoles. We have a very simple mission, to position great game studios for global success by providing full-featured publishing services. 

About Blood Eater Games 
Blood Eater Games Studio is made up of two developers with over 10 years’ experience using Unreal Engine, a single 3D modeller and a 3D animator. Our aim is to bring small, fun, no fuss horror games to all available platforms at an affordable price. 

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