Sackboy: A Big Adventure Review

Developer: Sumo Digital

Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 (Reviewed)

Genre: Platformer

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release date: 19/11/20


Sackboy: A Big Adventure is the latest adventure of Sackboy on the Playstation, this time he returns to a fully 3D world akin to Super Mario World, but with all the paraphernalia that is associated with Little Big Planet. This 3D world is constructed of various types of fabric, cloth and crafting items. Sackboy follows the well-trodden path of the world-based sections of 3D platformers. Each world has a set of levels that follows a certain theme. The game has the standard and generic plot of good versus evil. In this instance, involving an epic quest in which Sackboy must journey through a series of worlds. The presentation and direction do help drive a firm narrative through the game.


Sackboy and the worlds in 3D do look exquisite, the level design is done superbly well with a mix of levels. Levels vary from speed runs to your standard side-scrolling linear platform levels. The levels themself use colour, the soundtrack (which is amazing) and this stitched together feel to bring this game to life. Each element from the bad guys, to the puzzles and Sackboy, complement the levels well. The use of actors and some fantastic voice-overs is to be noted. The soundtrack and voice acting add to the level’s atmosphere and shows the creativity of designers. The level design and storyline have a super polish feel and the cute design of the world contrasts with the darkness of the enemies in the game. There is a whole raft of licenced music in the game. The game is geared towards family but there are enough elements to keep every player occupied.


The game is pure platformer goodness that doesn’t require a whole lot to learn from a mechanics point of view. The game is an exploration of the Little Big Planet world in 3D, this is a real experience of Sackboy being transferred into this sumptuous 3D world that fits the character so well. Thematically and game design is exactly what seems to make sense for Sackboy and this wondrous world. It’s a dreamy adventure. I did find the game not to be particularly difficult as apart from a few time trials. It’s learning curve is low.

4 player local co-op play is available, but I haven’t been able to play more than a single player. Online multiplayer will be available via a patch coming by the end of 2020. The game supports 4k at 60 fps too.


The game is a resurrection of the 3D platformer which is rarely explored, it’s like a reboot for Sackboy for modern generation consoles and this makes a good stab of getting the gameplay, world, soundtrack and voice acting into a cohesive story and in turn a game. Sackboy is geared a bit more towards younger ages but I had lots of fun and the licensed music was a pleasant surprise. There are lots to like but a bit too family-friendly for me but I’m not the target audience.

Overall: 7.5/10

Review code supplied by Sony.


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