Rocket Rumble – Release Date Trailer

Rocket Rumble Blasts out of Early Access, Crashes into PlayStation, Xbox and Steam on May 23

Bash, dash, and crash your way to victory in the galaxy’s first space-race beat’em up party game

ST. CATHARINES, Canada, May 3, 2024 — PixelNAUTS, creators of the critically-acclaimed space speedster Lost Orbit: Terminal Velocity, have revealed their next voyage to the stars will take place on May 23 with the launch of Rocket Rumble on PlayStation, Xbox and Steam, with a Nintendo Switch version to follow.

Rocket Rumble is a race-and-rumble party game that straps jetpacks to your favorite pets and sets them loose in same-screen multiplayer for up to four masters of armchair athleticism. Players will compete to take the lead – and the high score – using every trick in their stellar stockpile. Players can collect powerful items, boost into their opponents, and generally try to knock them off the track. Just remember: getting first place doesn’t necessarily make you a winner. In a critter competition with so much happening at once, points are the real crown – so do whatever it takes to earn as many as you can!

To ratchet up the tension (and avoid the tiny windows that split-screen can bring), every Rocket Rumble rival will be on-screen at once – unless a player can force them to trail behind, moving them off the screen! All missing players will reappear at the next checkpoint, though they’ll have some making up to do if they want their points total to come out on top. 

Following an extended period in Early Access, Rocket Rumble’s full launch will come fully equipped with 8 environments and 6 customizable creatures to control – as well as a number of improvements based on early player feedback.

“We launched Rocket Rumble in early access because we knew that a fast-paced party game would need to be balanced just right to deliver the kind of fun party players deserve,” said Alex Golebiowski, PixelNAUTS founder and Rocket Rumble’s lead designer. “Things can get awfully chaotic with four players trying to stay on the screen without falling victim to the track, the environment, or the shenanigans of their friends – but we’ve tweaked Rocket Rumble for pure fun, and even if you’re knocked off screen, you’ll never be more than a few moments from rejoining the action and working towards your comeback.”

Rocket Rumble will be available for $23.99 on Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam with local and online multiplayer beginning Tuesday, May 23. To learn more visit and join the official Discord.


PixelNAUTS is a game development studio dedicated to bringing fun, quirky, and visually striking games to players around the world. Based in the heart of Southern Ontario’s Niagara game development hub, PixelNAUTS was founded by industry veteran artists with a reputation for building characters and worlds that spring to life in player’s hands. In addition to their 2019 release, LOST ORBIT: Terminal Velocity, PixelNAUTS has provided their creative services to a number of major studios, including Ubisoft and Compulsion Games.

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