Ooblets Review

Developer: Glumberland

Platforms: Epic, PC (Reviewed), Switch, Xbox

Genre: Action, RPG, Simulation

Publisher: Glumberland


Ooblets is a 3D life simulation game. This game was developed and published by Glumberland. There are many games similar to Ooblets, but this game specifically has a very unique quirkiness to it. This review was done for the PC, but the game is also available for Switch and Xbox.


Ooblets is a single-player game where your character moves to the town of Badgetown to live a more exciting life. They are offered a free run-down home by the Mayor of the town. When starting the game, you can customise the characters to your liking and even give them a personalised name. The aim of the game is to carry out many tasks throughout the town, collect dancing creatures, farm, travel and become better friends with the townsfolk.

The controls for Ooblets are fairly simple. When starting off the game, you go through a little tutorial which highlights the important controls that are needed to know. When playing the game with a keyboard and mouse, I found most controls to just be used with the keys rather than the mouse. This made the game so much more fun and accessible as I was able to sit on my bed with my laptop on my lap and play the game without having to use my trackpad. I would say there are a few delays in the game, but the more you play, the less noticeable they become. The only really big noticeable delay is when trying to enter your house, which takes a while to load into.



The art style of Ooblets has a quirky, cartoonish look to it. The game kind of reminds me of moshi monsters mixed with slime rancher when it comes to the visual aspect of the game. The game is full of colour and is extremely vibrant. What I love so much is that if you currently play the game, there is a Halloween event going on that dresses the townsfolk in costumes, has decorations placed around the town and even lets your character go trick-or-treating. The design of the characters to the little dancing creatures is wonky but in a funny way. The characters sometimes walk like they’re spaghetti, and the game just has such a lovely quirkiness to it. I really enjoyed that there are four different regions for you to explore as you progress through the game. Each region is unique from the others; for example, the first region is the normal town you live in, whereas the one you unlock right after is a desert. The different regions have unique creatures, forgables, and seeds for you to collect. The character interaction is also so much fun in the game, as there are so many cheeky conversations you can have with the townspeople. Interacting with them on a daily basis allows you to build better relationships with them as well. Alongside the visuals, the soundtrack to this game is so much fun, especially when you are having a dance battle. The music gets you amped up and ready to go; it gets you dancing with your little creatures. Even the music as you do your daily chores and tasks is calming yet has a bit of hype to it. The sound effects also sound realistic, like filling up your can with water or plucking weeds. I love the dialogue sound effect the most, as it’s just a bunch of gibberish sounds mushed together to create speech. Both the visuals and soundtrack in this game are so much fun to pay attention to.


This game comes with a lot to offer, which makes the game so much more interesting. First off, rather than catching Ooblets, you get to grow your own Ooblet. After completing a dance battle, you can choose to get a seed from the opponent, Ooblet and then grow your own special unique. This game also comes with many customization options, from being able to customise yourself and even your Ooblets. As you progress through the game, you can even unlock more collectables to go wild on your customization. I really like that the customization at the start of the game is limited, but then you get introduced to the town barber, where you can customise your character even more. The dance battles in this game are such a fun battle concept to come up with, especially with the quirky creatures you are battling. What’s really nice is that each Ooblet has a unique set of special cards that you can unlock as they level up. Ooblets also come in three different variations, which allows the player to look for them all. I found this game to be so much fun because of the main story. The main story allows the player to carry out a bunch of tasks ordered by the townspeople to progress with the story and unlock more utilities, tools and areas. The game allows you to do many things, including farm, shop, battle, restore, explore, fish and even carry out orders. What I like about this game is that there is so much to do, so it’s difficult for the player to get tired of it. Plus, with the Halloween event going on for a limited amount of time, it makes the game more exciting and gets the player in the Halloween spirit.


If you are looking to play a quirky, fun life simulation game that has a lively design and exciting music, then Ooblets is the game for you. It has the perfect blend of farming, creature collecting, relationship building and exploring that is unique from any other life simulation game. Make sure to check out Ooblets and get in there before the Halloween event ends!

Overall: 9/10

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