Oblivion Override enters v1.0 January 25th

Hack into the Future with Oblivion Override 1.0 on Jan 25!

Inspired by Metroidvania and roguelike classics, ‘Oblivion Override offers an intense combat experience set against the backdrop of a dystopian AI civilization

Six months into Early Access, Oblivion Override, the intense, hardcore action side-scroller, will receive its official 1.0 upgrade on January 25, 2024. With the completion of its main story,  the full release of Oblivion Override adds a Cyber-Egyptian final stage, a female feline mech, and a trove of hidden challenges and easter eggs, all loaded into a digital onslaught of combat action.

Developed by indie studio Humble Mill, Oblivion Override pays homage to the time-honored traditions of Metroidvania and Roguelike gaming. Set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where humanity is a thing of the past, players follow the metallic boots of Crimson, a battle-hardened combat bot, on a cryptic mission deep within the neon-lit corridors of the Dulce Base.

Throughout Early Access, the game has nearly doubled its playable content over numerous updates that introduced new mechs, maps, enemies, and end-game content. Driven by player feedback and suggestions, the developers also made subtle tweaks and major overhauls to optimize the evolution system, skill balancing, and progression. As of this release, the user rating on Steam sits at 92% positive for Oblivion Override.

Game features:

  • Explore a war-torn underground wasteland and uncover the mysteries behind the AI dystopia;
  • Choose from 6 state-of-the-art combat machines, each offering a unique set of abilities for varied combat and replayability;
  • Challenging, ever-changing gameplay across 4 randomly generated stages;
  • An expansive arsenal of 26 weapons to tailor your combat style and tactics;
  • Crank up the challenges in NG+ with 8 difficulty levels featuring advanced bosses and enemies;
  • Available in English, Chinese, and Japanese

Upon its 1.0 release, Oblivion Override (regularly priced at $17.99) will be available for $11.69 with a 35% record discount for two weeks. Wishlist Oblivion Override on Steam now and join the official Discord for more details. 

About Humble Mill

Founded in 2016, Humble Mill is an independent game studio composed of 10 action game enthusiasts. We believe game development should be approached with humbleness, and always with the ultimate goal of providing players with a unique and engaging gaming experience. In 2017, we developed the side-scrolling action title Jiu Li, which won Best Narrative at the International Mobile Gaming Awards. In the same year, we began initial development of the title Oblivion Override for PC and console platforms.

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