Mindhorn Review

Mindhorn Review

Starring: Julian Barratt, Simon Farnaby, Essie Davis, Andrea Riseborough, Russell Tovey, David Schofield.

Director: Sean Foley

Release date: 5th May 2017


Richard Thorncroft (Julian Barratt) is a has-been actor, still living off his ‘fame’ as the TV Detective, Bruce P. Mindhorn back in the 80’s, who had a robotic eye that could literally ‘tell the truth’. We find him at the start of the story, in his prime and fighting baddies left, right and centre on the Isle of Man. Fast forward 25 years into the future and present day and Richard is now balding and wearing a hairpiece, unfit and has a bit of a paunch. He’s still very deluded that he’s the same man that he was all those years ago. Meanwhile back on the Isle of Man, a killer calling himself ‘The Kestrel’ is taunting the police and demands the presence of Mindhorn or he will kill again. The Island’s police reluctantly make the call and ask Richard to reprise his role as Mindhorn to help catch the murderer. Richard is in his element and wastes no time donning his Mindhorn outfit and heads over to try and help the police. Re-uniting with old cast members and an old flame, he relishes the fact that he’s needed again. Can Mindhorn use his old magic and talk down the killer or will there be repercussions for his actions?

Mindhorn 2

Bought to you by the BBC and Steve Coogan’s ‘Baby Cow’ production company, plus a bit of Ridley Scott thrown in for good measure, Mindhorn is a work of off the wall comedy genius. Written by Julian Barrett (The Mighty Boosh) and Simon Farnaby (Horrible Histories), there is obviously a lot of love that’s gone into this movie. It’s also the directorial movie debut of Sean Foley, whose name you would probably have associated with the Theatre previously. The movie almost borders on the farcical in places but this only adds to the hilarity of the story. I’d never really been a fan of the whole Mighty Boosh thing in the past, it just felt like they were doing what Reeves and Mortimer had done so amazingly in the past, but I really loved Mindhorn and found myself laughing pretty much the whole time. It has everything a comedy story should have; very funny script, great actors, brilliant cameos, and comedy flashbacks. There’s also a lot of serious fake hair going on.

Mindhorn 3

If you’re looking for a great comedy movie to tickle your funny bone, then give Mindhorn a watch, and if like me, you’re a fan of the brilliant Horrible Histories TV series, then you will love Simon Farnaby as Mindhorn’s stunt double, Clive. He almost steals the movie from Julian Barrett in places, though I’m in no doubt that fans of The Mighty Boosh will watch this in their droves.

Brilliantly funny!






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