Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Review

Developer: Insomniac Games

Platform: PS5

Genre: Action, Adventure

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: 20th October, 2023


Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 hits you like a tonne of bricks when you start the game; before you know it, you are deeply immersed and transported into New York and the world of Spider-Man. Even from the first few sections, which help you refresh the controls, you will be in awe of the vast open area of Spider-Man’s playground. It gives off the feel of a film, with high-quality direction, animation, voice-over and storyline. Everything gives the sense you are in a movie.  

I’m keeping the review spoiler-free – check out the Spider-Man 2 trailer.

Spider-Man swings through this beautifully rendered New York City. The sheer scale is impressive; you will sometimes get lost and enjoy the city and take it in. It reminds me of the GTA, where, at times, you will explore the city and not worry about the main missions or side missions. Ray tracing and its use is visible when you stick to the side of a building and see the world’s beauty. The sense of speed is exhilarating, and the New York skyline gives a fantastic backdrop to this game. The game is a sight to behold; it’s beautiful, and the bosses add another level to the awe you will experience while playing it. The world is full of people going around their daily lives, which gives a sense of real-life New York City in a game.


Spider-Man 2 moves much smoother, and the presentation is much slicker; I didn’t notice any slowdown in rendering when the action was thick and fast. The ability to control two different main characters allows for more skills and gameplay mechanics that are just not available in a one-character game. Spider-Man 2 has a whole set of unique game mechanics that make the game even more immersive. Everything has been improved; the combat feels better and more extensive. Spider-Man 2, for me, had many more moments of shock and awe!


The game supports the following visual modes which all include Ray Tracing:

4K 30FPS Fidelity Mode 

4K 40FPS Performance Mode

4K 60FPS Performance Mode

Spider-Man 2 does use the core mechanics of Spider-Man: Miles Morales, an even bigger version (2 additional boroughs – Queens and Brooklyn ) of New York City in the background. New York is a vast, massive, open-world game with many side missions, people going about their lives, and random events that need Spider-Man’s attention.

You can play as two different Spider-Mans in this game – Miles Morales and Peter Parker. The story interweaves a whole host of characters, and you get to explore the world with both, which the game does well.


The game allows you to upgrade your gadget, suit, and skills across both characters, which adds another level to customise your gameplay style. You can fight gadget-heavy, stealthy, or be a brute; it’s the player’s choice. I loved having the choice to play the I wanted. I loved taking the covert option in densely populated areas and picking enemies off one at a time. Using gadgets mixed with hand-to-hand combat allows for massive melee-style brawls, which are enjoyable. I loved the combat, and the build-up of massive combos was epic.

The controls from Miles Morales’s outing have been refined, but if you have played the first game, you will be comfortable playing it. It plays very similar to Miles Morales’s game but is more refined than Revolution.

The boss fights are even more insane and fantastic, and the developers have used the entire environment to help enhance boss fights. The environment and how you use it are vital in beating the bosses. There is a range of bosses which make you want to progress through missions; you encounter a considerable cast of huge, fantastic boss fights.


The voice acting is superb, and the acting standard is the quality of any Hollywood film. The storytelling is excellent, and the game has multiple levels and uses many film-telling techniques to make you emphasise and understand the plight of every character. Superb direction and storytelling are told throughout the game; the game gives every person a rich history. The use of two Spider-Mans and its narrative are intertwined into an intriguing story with twists and turns that leave the gamer on the edge of their seat.

Like any great film, a great score and accompanying music follow your adventure; the tension significantly ratchets up and helps drive the narration and storytelling. It superbly fits into the game.


This game is another fantastic Spider-Man game that is a must-own. Adding two extra boroughs makes this game even more significant than its predecessor; it’s enormous. It is graphically stunning, with a plethora of gameplay mechanics to keep you occupied, a deep, rich skill tree, gadgets, and suit upgrades. The game has fantastic storytelling and voice acting, which gives it a cinematic feel. The combat, stealth, gadgets, and power-ups make a game enjoyable. Spider-Man 2 is fun and massive in scale, and the story’s narrative would be suitable for a Hollywood blockbuster. It’s an epic journey.

Overall: 9.5/10

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