Writer: John Wagner
Artists: Carl Critchlow, Kevin Walker & Simon Coleby
Colourer: Peter Doherty
Letterers: Annie Parkhouse & Tom Frame
Cover: Kevin Walker
Publisher: 2000 AD


2000 AD Digest has two stories, the first is called Mandroid. This story is about a family recovering from a war-torn father. The father named Slaughterhouse is more machine than man after being nearly killed in battle. Slaughterhouse is now depressed and feeling useless as a man even though his new mechanical body allows him to do all kinds of crazy things like a fist that can launch out with a cable and can be used as a grapple.

Since he is out of the military now the family has to move to Mega-City One and live off of very little credits making their living quarters a dump and unsafe for their son. Things get worse when Kitty his wife goes missing and his son gets killed. Slaughterhouse then goes on a vigilante run throughout Mega-City One and Dredd is on his tail.

Mandroid is written like a late 80’s early 90’s comic story and is a ton of fun, the art is great and even though Dredd isn’t the main character it all fits well and was exciting to see this father plan and execute the cleanup of Mega-City One.


Instrument of War

The second story is called Instrument of War, it’s a continuation of Mandroid where Slaughterhouse is in custody and has flimsy hospital provided mechanical limbs. Without giving too much away from the first story, Slaughterhouse has to reconnect with his previously missing wife and save her. He escapes custody without a leg to stand on and meets up with an old general that he had served under in the past. The general suits him up with an awesome armoured body, one that surpasses his last in Mandroid.

But in exchange for helping save his wife the old general wants Slaughterhouse to clean up some of the scum in Mega-City One, he wants to cleanse the city. The judges are now having to face a man who is fighting for his wife’s survival in a crazy weaponized suit. The story definitely has more emotion than Mandroid did, Slaughterhouse has snapped out of being nearly catatonic and robot like showing us how much he cares about his wife and what he’s willing to do for her.

Overall: 7/10